My Symbolya map of Istria – a fun way to record your travels

I recently discovered a cool new way of recording my travels on a Symbolya map that links to photos and blog posts of the trip. You use cute little symbols as the link to photos that you already have uploaded on Flickr or Picasa and links to any articles you might have written.

My Symbolya map of Istria from

My Symbolya map of Istria from

I used the map to document my trip to Istria and link to the photos I took and the blog posts I’ve written. It was a bit of an experiment but I think it could be a fun way for people who want to create a record for friends, family or themselves, but don’t like writing lots of words, to document their travels. I’d say it’s an ideal alternative for the Web 2.0 generation to sticking photos in an album or keeping a scrapbook.

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View the embedded map on my Symbolya trip page here

Once you’ve created your Symbolya map with the symbols you can share it through Flickr, Twitter and lots of other social media sites. You can also see other people’s trips and photos to get some inspiration.

I did have a few problems when I came to embed the Symbolya map as my WordPress blog kept stripping out the iframes embed code. I got round it by installing a simple Embed IFrame WordPress plug-in, then using the special code format they suggest to embed the map which can be viewed in Preview mode but not in Visual mode. Maybe you’ll have the same problem, maybe you won’t, as the developers tell me other people have been able to embed the map without problem.

Here’s a helpful little video that show you want it’s all about and there’s more help on the Symbolya site. Do check out my Trip page on Symbolya, look at the photos and links and tell me what you think?

You can view my Istria trip on my public Symbolya page here

View the embedded video on the Symbolya site here


Symbolya website
Symbolya help and videos
My Symbolya trip page
Istria Tourism Website
Istria Gourmet Website
Istria Bike Website

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heatheronhertravels' Croatia - Istria Motovun photoset heatheronhertravels’ Croatia – Istria Motovun photoset


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02 My Istria Travel Diary – Podcast Episode 2

In my Podcast Edisode 2 in my travel podcast series, I’m taking you to Istria in Croatia with an audio diary of the four days I spent there with my family. You’ll hear about the Plava Laguna resort where we stayed, the cycling, swimming and sailing that’s available in this area as well as the fortified medieval hill towns and old coastal towns of Porec and Rovinj which we explored and the local specialities such as truffles and seafood.

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To download Istria Travel Diary podcast, right click here 19 min [mp3]

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Basilic of Eurphrasius in Porec, Croatia Photo:

Basilic of Eurphrasius in Porec, Croatia

If you enjoy this podcast, do take a look at my other articles, photos and videos for more detail of the things we saw. There’s so much to enjoy in Istria and as a self-contained region it seems to have something for everything, whether it’s swimming, sport, relaxation, heritage or the gourmet experience. I hope you also enjoy the slide show below that’s designed to accompany the podcast and covers the places I talk about in the podcast.

Show notes

Istria Tourism website
Istria Gourmet website
Istria Bike website
All my photos of Istria on Flickr
Read all my Istria articles
Video of Plava Laguna Resort
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– Music on this podcast was Venus as a girl by Andy Mckee on Music Alley
– I was hosted on this 4 day trip by the Istrian Tourist board to blog about the things I saw in Istria

Check for the best hotel prices in Porec and book here.


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heatheronhertravels' Croatia - Istria Porec photoset heatheronhertravels’ Croatia – Istria Porec photoset

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Heather on her travels around the web in October

Here’s a round-up of some of the other places around the web where you can read what I’ve been up to.

Blog Carnivals

Bristol Harbourside

Bristol Harbourside

Thanks for the mention of my video post on A walk around the Harbourside in Bristol on the Carnival of the cities hosted at Family Travel Guide. The Harbourside is where the tall ships once moored along the quayside but now it’s a centre for leisure and pleasure, and I’ll happily take you round my favourite restaurants and cafes.


Thanks for the mention of my first podcast on Family Travel with Hospitality Club from Mr Travel Podcast himself, Chris Christensen at the Amateur Traveler on his episode featuring the Arab Gulf states with Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere. Keep an ear out as I’ve got a couple more podcasts coming in the next week or two.

Posts at Europe a la Carte

As always, I’ve been doing my regular Thursday post over at Europe a la Carte with some great tips and articles on destinations around Europe.

The Basilica of Euphrasius in Porec, Croatia

The Basilica of Euphrasius in Porec, Croatia

A visit to the coastal town of Porec in Istria, Croatia – This was the nearest town to the Plava Laguna Resort where we were based during our stay in Istria, and there’s a lovely Venetian old town to wander around and the beautiful UNESCO world heritage Basilica of Eurphrasius, renowned for it’s glowing golden mosaics.

Some favourite things to see in Riga – I visited Riga with my family a few summers ago on a holiday that combined city sightseeing and a stay by the coast in Estonia. These are my recommendations for the best of Riga as well as those given to me by Riga locals who’ve visited me in Bristol.

Books to Inspire and enhance your European travel – I recommended a couple of travel compilation series, which have titles covering many of the destinations where you might be heading, such as France, Spain, Italy and Greece. Pick up one of these books for an ideal read to put you in the mood for the place you’re visiting with travel stories and short stories set in your chosen destination.

The Dome of St Peter's in Rome

The Dome of St Peter

Climb to Dome of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome – It’s an amazing experience to climb up inside the Dome of St Peter’s and see the gorgeous mosaics close up, then up the narrow enclosed staircase to the top for 360 degree views of Rome and the Pope’s back garden. I wouldn’t recommend it for the claustrophobic though.

Be a Religious Tourist in Rome – As a good Catholic girl I explored some ways you can feel the pilgrim’s experience and connect with the spiritual aspects of Rome, as the home of the Catholic church.

News and Resources

I was e-mailed recently about Soekershof, an amazing botanical garden full of cactuses, succulants and mazes in South Africa. I haven’t visited South Africa, but if I get there it will be on my list to visit – it’s near the town of Robertson, 2 hrs from Cape Town.

I read on Soultravelers3 about, a website to rent a room or appartment for a short period in major cities like London and New York – what a great alternative to a hotel.

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