A weekend in Paris, Nantes, Düsseldorf – with BMI Regional

As a travel blogger I’m lucky to live close to Bristol Airport, my gateway to countless interesting destinations in Europe and around the world. Flying from my local airport means I can stretch my precious holiday time with long weekends away, knowing that I can fly back into Bristol airport and half an hour later be walking through my own front door.

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Paris like a local

Paris is a city that’s on so many peoples’ wish list, but even if you’ve done the Louvre and the Eiffel tower I highly recommend going back again to discover some alternative things to do in Paris that are a world away from the tourist sights. Here are some ideas from my last trip;

  • Marche d’Aligre – Last time I was in Paris for a pre-Christmas break we tried to go for a more local experience, taking a walking tour through Marche d’Aligre in the 12th arrondissement. You actually get three market in one; a fruit and vegetable market, an indoor market selling meat, cheeses and deli produce and a flea market where you can buy anything from vintage shoes to delicate antique wine glasses.
Trying the cheeses in Marche d'aligre, Paris Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

Trying the cheeses in Marche d’aligre, Paris

  • Dining with locals – We also tried out a dining with locals experience and had a very entertaining evening with Adelia who cooked us a delicious French Creole meal and regailed us with stories of her family in Guadaloupe. Read about it here.
  • Stroll along Canal St Martin – I can recommend a stroll along Canal St Martin, lined with houseboats and a walk along the Promenade Plantee, a garden above the street that is Paris’s answer to New York’s Highline.
  • Maison Victor Hugo – we loved our walk around the trendy Marais which ended at the elegant Place des Vosges and a visit to Maison Victor Hugo where the famous writer of The hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables lived in his later years. Read about it here.
Walk along Canal St Martin in Paris Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

Walk along Canal St Martin in Paris

Fly with BMI Regional to Paris

Fly from Bristol to Paris six days a week, twice a day on Monday to Friday and once a day on Sunday. For more information read the BMI Regional destination guide to Paris and check out the Paris Tourism website.

Medienhafen in Dusseldorf by Wojtek Gurak on Flickr

Medienhafen in Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf on the banks of the Rhine

Düsseldorf in Germany is a modern, cosmopolitan city set on the River Rhine and has plenty to offer for a weekend break. Here are some of the things that you might enjoy for a weekend break in Düsseldorf;

  • Take a walk – along the Rhine embankment promenade that connects the traditional Altstadt or Old Town with the Medienhafen which showcases high tech modern buildings by leading architects. With many bars and cafés lining the route, you can stop for a coffee to relax and watch the comings and goings on the river.
  • Take the boat tour – during the summer you can take a boat ride along the river Rhine, taking in the city sites with English commentary, costing €10 per person.
Boat tour in Dusseldorf Photo by duesseldorf-tourismus.de

Take a Rhine Boat tour in Dusseldorf

  • Drink in the atmosphere of the Alstadt – the Old Town is one of the best places to try Düsseldorf’s world famous beer at one of the local breweries, but if beer’s not your thing, there are plenty of places to eat, from homely pubs to world-class dining.
  • Artistic adventures – Alstadt is also where most of the cultural venues are found, including the Museum Kunstpalast housing contemporary art and glass collections and the NRW-Forum with a fusion of popular art, culture and design.

Fly with BMI Regional to Dusseldorf

Fly from Bristol to Düsseldorf six times a week, with one flight a day, Sunday to Friday. For more information read the BMI Regional destination guide to Düsseldorf and check out the Düsseldorf Tourism website.

Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne in Nantes Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbera

Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne in Nantes

Nantes – gateway to the Loire

Nantes is located on the west coast of France on the Loire River and while many pass through to visit the rest of the Loire region, it worth a weekend visit. Here are some things to do on your weekend break in Nantes;

  • Château des Ducs de Bretagne – with all the turrets and courtyards you’d wish for, this was the residence of the Dukes of Brittany during the 13th to 16th centuries and includes the Nantes History Museum which traces the history of the city – Website here
  • Ride the Great Elephant – this enormous mechanised elephant will take you for a walk and is part of Les Machines de l’Isle artistic project to create a fantasty world of mechanical objects set in a large open space on the banks of the Loire. Website here
The Great Elephant at Les Machines de l'Isle in Nantes Photo: Mister_Jack

The Great Elephant at Les Machines de l’Isle in Nantes

  • Visit the Jardin des Plantes – established in the 18th century as a home for the exotic plants being brought by ship to Nantes from all over the world, this botanic garden is especially known for the collections of magnolias and camelias and the 100 year old heated greenhouses. Website here.
  • Take the hop-on-hop-off bus tour – from Easter to September, the bus stops at 12 locations; including the Cathedral, Botanical Garden and 50 Otages with commentary in English.

Fly with BMI Regional to Nantes

The Bristol-Nantes flight runs through the summer from 4 July to 12 September, twice a week on Saturday and Tuesday, making it ideal for a long weekend hop across the channel. For more information read the BMI Regional destination guide to Nantes and check out the Nantes Tourism website.

If you live close to Bristol Airport, it’s also worth checking out the BMI Regional flights to Aberdeen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Milan. I’m looking forward to flying with BMI Regional to Munich in August for a walking holiday in the Austrian Tyrol. To book flights, visit the BMI Regional Website.

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Photo Credits: All Paris photos by Heatheronhertravels.com, Düsseldorf Medienhafen by Wojtek Gurak, Great elephant in Nantes by Mister_Jack, Chateau des Duces de Bretagne by Jean-Pierre Dalbera

This article is brought to you in partnership with BMI Regional who have provided me with flights for some of my travels.

This article is originally published at Heatheronhertravels.com – Read the original article here

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Roadtrip adventures – see the Mediterranean by car!

If you have holidayed in Europe then the likelihood is that you’ve visited the Mediterranean Coast. Stretching from the south coast of Spain to sun soaked Cyprus, the Mediterranean coastline encompasses some of the most beautiful parts of Europe. But if you only explore it one beach at a time can you really say you’ve seen it in its full glory? With dazzling stretches of shoreline road and cliff top views, why not take to four wheels and explore one of these fantastic routes:

Port of Cassis in France Photo: Vincent Brassine on Flickr

Port of Cassis in France

Cassis to La Ciotat, France

At just 12 miles long, this short but sweet jaunt hugs the shoreline of the southern French Coast. Navigate your way between two of the region’s most unspoilt seaside towns Cassis and La Ciotat and negotiate the high altitude Route des Crêtes over Cap Canaille. Cap Canaille is one of the tallest maritime cliffs in Europe and the views from the top are truly spectacular.

Cassis itself is perhaps one of France’s best kept secrets. Charming, quaint, and picture perfect, it has maintained the appeal of a coastal fishing village whilst succumbing the laid back lifestyle of its Rivera counterparts (minus the crowds). Cassis is full of character so be sure to take a leisurely stroll through the old streets that offer a quintessentially ‘South of France’ experience.

Whilst it may be tempting to fill your camera’s memory card with pictures of Cassis remember to save some space for the drive! Les Route des Crêtes offers panoramic views over some of the most superb scenery in Provence. Whilst the route is only 12 miles long, the roads are steep and winding. They can be narrow in some places, so adopt the laid back Riviera attitude and take your time. The slower pace will give you more opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the coast, the mountains and the countryside in between!

Cap Canaille in France Photo: Anse de L'Arene on Flickr

Cap Canaille in France

Hiking trails lead off the road at a number of viewpoints. Why not break up the drive with a short stroll? Stretch your legs and get a closer look at some of the unusual rock formations that make the landscape so striking. Your vantage point up high on Cap Canaille also gives you a chance to experience a different perspective of the coastline and the hidden seaside gems of Cassis and La Ciotat. Rather than seeing things from ground level, your bird’s eye view puts this stunning section of coastline in perspective geographically. It’s an opportunity to experience the area as a whole, in all its natural glory.

But the beauty doesn’t stop there! La Ciotat is a truly authentic French town, having so far managed to side step the influence of tourism. Home to an array of unique boutiques and a lively market on Sunday mornings it is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir or two to complement your bursting holiday photo album. Like Cassis the centre is made up of winding streets and shady squares dotted with relaxed cafes and delicious restuarants. Finally, enjoy a day on the beach at L’Ile Verte. Take the ferry from the port and make the short 10 minute crossing to this picture perfect spot. Pack a picnic and admire the breath-taking shoreline from the beach or explore the island and uncover the range of fantastic viewpoints.

Otranto in Puglia, Italy Photo: Paolo Margari on Flickr

Otranto in Puglia, Italy

Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy

The region of Puglia makes up the heel of Italy’s boot. The landscape is characterised by rugged hills dotted with whitewashed buildings and crystal clear waters lapping against the sun scorched coastline. The drive itself meanders between the seaside towns of Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca along a road that has been dubbed the ‘Little Amalfi Coast’. With its jagged coastline and secret beaches this stretch of the Puglia region is perfect for exploring by car and without doubt one of the most beautiful drives in Europe.

Otranto is a harbour town and is as gorgeous as it is historic. Before you embark on your scenic drive along the coast be sure to visit its unusual Cathedral. It is well known for the monumental mosaic which covers the entire floor of the Cathedral and dates back to the 12th century. Despite being hundreds of years old the mosaic has stood the test of time and the mythical illustrations which depict man’s struggle between good and evil can still be clearly deciphered.

Grotta Zinzulusa in Puglia, Italy Photo: Giordano Merenda

Grotta Zinzulusa in Puglia, Italy

If you get the chance take an evening stroll around Otranto. The town’s architecture is particularly impressive at night, especially the castle. Locate the turrets and walls open to the public and make your way to the top for breath taking views of the city. You will likely find yourself struggling to leave this picturesque town. Rest assured there are even better things to come. The drive runs past mile after mile of spectacular ocean views and is one of the most underrated attractions of the area.

The cliffs, grottos, ancients fishing villages and hidden beaches along the way are numerous, offering plenty of opportunity to take breaks, hike, picnic and swim. Don’t miss the ‘Grotta Zinzulusa’ which is famous for its stalagmites and stalactites. Be sure to take the guided tour of this ocean-side cave and hear the fascinating story of the cave’s discovery as you swim in the warm clear waters. As the midday heat beats down on the dramatic limestone cliffs of Puglia’s coastline, stop for a picnic beneath the shade of the abundant olive groves.

Sant'Andrea cliffs in Salento, Italy Photo: Vittorio Ferrari

Sant’Andrea cliffs in Salento, Italy

As you approach Gagliano del Capo you’ll come across a sea inlet spanned by an impressive bridge. Here you have two choices: descend the stone steps to access the water for a leisurely swim, or join the daring divers as they scale the cliffs and jump from heights of up to 50ft! Whichever you decide, the inlet is an idyllic place to cool off in the afternoon sun.

Leuca is framed by the Regional National Park of the Costa Otranto. Before you reach the town, stop and enjoy the view of the wild flower and shrub covered slopes as they cascade down the rocky hillsides. Round of your scenic tour of the Puglian coastline and climb the headland to the lighthouse. Here you will be greeted by a staggering vista where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas meet. As you relax in the Marina with a gelato or sit down to dinner at one of the delicious restaurants in the old town and reflect on the highlights of the drive, you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking you had found your own piece of paradise.

This article is brought to you by Economy Car Hire – the largest independent car hire broker in the UK.

Photo Credits: Port of Cassis by Vincent Brassine, Cap Canaille by Anse de l’Arene, Otranto harbour by Paolo Margari , Grotta Zinzulusa by Giordano Merenda, Sant’Andrea by Vittori Ferrari

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This article is originally published at Heatheronhertravels.com – Read the original article here

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Bonjour Marseille – Day 2 of my MSC Mediterranean Cruise – video

We are getting into the swing of our Mediterranean Cruise with MSC Cruises with our first port stop today at Marseille. I had envisaged strolling off the ship and walking into town, until I realised that we were docked around 20 minutes drive away from the centre of Marseille. There was a shuttle bus provided by MSC ($16 per person return) but we decided to try the public bus outside the port and after a transfer to the tram found ourselves walking down the main boulevard of La Canebiere towards the Vieux Port.

Vieux Port of Marseille Photo: Heatheronhertravels

Yachts in the Vieux Port of Marseille

I hope you enjoy the video below from our MSC Cruise

If you can’t see the video above about our MSC Cruise view it on my blog here or on YouTube here

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I spotted an old fashioned looking shop selling traditional sweets and biscuits, called La Cure Gourmand and bought some marzipan lozenge shaped sweets and chocolate olives to take home, although they may not last that long. Once the hub of commercial shipping in Marseille, the Vieux Port is now a marina full of yachts and sailing boats, surrounded on all sides by restaurants and cafes. There was a Saturday fruit and flower market in full swing and an event run by the local Marine Fire Service who had numerous vehicles and equipment on show for the public.

La Cure Gourmande in Marseille Photo: Heatheronhertravels

Traditional sweets at La Cure Gourmande in Marseille

We could see the Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica up on the hill and we decided to take the No 60 bus that stopped right by the Vieux Port (Cost €1.80) to save ourselves a hot 30 minute walk. I didn’t envy the bus driver as he expertly negotiated oncoming traffic and parked cars in the narrow streets and bends on the hill. The Basilica is the city’s major landmark and was built by Napoleon III in the 1850s, topped with a golden statue of Mary and baby Jesus. Inside the Basilica a mass was in progress and there was some beautiful decoration and gilding, but the main attraction was the view over the whole city and out to sea. The walk back down the hill was not at all arduous and we reached the port again around lunchtime.

Notre Dame de la Garde Marseille Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille

View of Marseille from Notre Dame de la Garde Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

View of Marseille from Notre Dame de la Garde

Around the three sides of the port were wide boulevards for pedestrians and cyclists, which made it a very pleasant stroll, in warm sunshine with the boats swaying on the rippling, turquoise water. As we reached the Quai des Belges where we had earlier taken the bus, my eye was caught by a stall selling artisan soaps, one of the famous products of Marseille. We stopped to chat to the young man in traditional fisherman’s dress and smell all the different fragrances, selecting a few to take home as souvenirs.

Traditional soaps on sale in Marseille Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

Traditional soaps on sale in Marseille

The far side of the Vieux Port was lined with cafes and restaurants fronting the old town Panier district, although the waterfront was destroyed in WW2 bombing. Guy was keen to try an authentic Marseille Bouillabaisse, a hearty fish stew, until he read one of the menus and realised it would set him back €60. We walked up the quay, where there were many tourist buses parked, trying in vain to find the correct place to take the free bus back to the ship, but gave up in the end and had a drink in a café at the far end with a view of the old fortress.

Fish stalls on the quay at Marseille Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

Fish stalls on the quay at Marseille

We wandered along to the St Jean Fort, an imposing fortress, one of the two that guard the entrance to the port, with its matching partner in St Nicholas Fort on the other side. There appeared to be a museum inside, but we walked around the pathway that circled the fortress where a man was sunbathing after a swim of the rocks. It was a lovely viewpoint to watch the sailing boats leaving the harbor and look out to sea. By early afternoon it was time to return to the ship and this time we decided to take a taxi back to the ship.

Yachts leaving the port of Marseille Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

Yachts leaving the port of Marseille by St Jean Fortress

MSC Splendida in Marseille Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

MSC Splendida in Marseille

Back on board we watched the evening show, Paris Fou, with a French theme in honour of our stop in Marseille. The entertainment featured an Edith Piaf style singer, showgirls with skimpy costumes and feathers and some can can dancers, as well as an amazing juggler and artist who created shadow pictures with his hands.

Tomorrow, we reach Genoa in Italy, home port of MSC Cruises, where we plan to spend another day exploring the sights.

Options for getting into Marseille from the cruise port

  • Take the transfer bus provided by MSC at a cost of around €16.90 per person for the return ticket. This leaves from immediately outside the cruise terminal and takes you to the Vieux Port.
  • Walk 10 minutes down the road still within the port area to where a free shuttle bus takes you into the Vieux Port. This seemed to run every 30 minutes, however we couldn’t find where to catch it on the return journey, so I’m not sure if it is a one-way service.
  • Walk 20-30 minutes to just outside the port gates where there is a bus stop by the road. The number 35 bus runs 3 times an hour and will take you to Joliette. Here you transfer to the tramway T2 and get off at Sardi Carnot with a further 10 minute walk to the Vieux Port. The cost is €1.80 per person one way and the ticket is valid for 1 hour and covers both the bus and the tramway. It will probably take you around an hour for the whole journey.
  • You can take a taxi from outside the cruise terminal for a cost of around €20 one way, which I believe is probably the best option especially if there are not too many people waiting and you can share the cost with other passengers. The taxi ride takes around 20 minutes.

Excursion options for Marseille

The Marseille City tour (4 hrs, £42 Adult) begins at Cathedral of Notre Dame de la Garde on the hill overlooking the town and includes sightseeing in the centre of Marseille and time wandering in the Vieux Port. A popular alternative tour is Aix en Provence (4 hr, £42) for a 40 minute drive to this attractive old town with a visit to St Saviours Cathedral and a walk through the historic centre. There is also an excursion to Cassis (4.5 hrs, £32), a charming fishing town with high cliffs and brightly coloured houses which is a 1 hour drive from Marseille.

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MSCCruiseslogo Thanks to MSC cruises who are hosting Guy and Heather’s Mediterranean cruise. Heather and Guy will be travelling on MSC Splendida from Barcelona on a 1 week cruise calling at Genoa, Marseille, Naples, Messina, Tunis. Prices for a similar cruise start at around £700 per person. For more information, visit the MSC Cruises website or follow them on Twitter @MSC_Cruises_UK or on the MSC Facebook page.

This article by Heather Cowper is originally published at Heatheronhertravels.com – Read the original article here

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