Wismar, Germany – A Unesco World Heritage Site you’ve never heard of?

Wismar is one of those places that you’ve probably never heard of but that shouldn’t stop you planning a visit. It’s a small, idyllic Hanseatic port-town on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the north east of Germany, with a busy working harbour.

Harbour of Wismar Photo: nydiscovery7 on Flickr

The Harbour of Wismar, Germany

Being only 30 miles off the old inner-German board, Wismar has seen bombing and ensuing occupation by the British for 2 months and the Russians for 30+ years after the Second World War. Originally under Swedish rule for 250 years from the end of the 30-Years-War, Wismar became part of the German Democratic Republic once part of the Russian territory, and enjoyed a higher status for cultural, touristic and artistic activities.

Wismar street Photo by Paula Soler-Moya on Flickr

Old houses in Wismar, Germany

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A few years after the Wall came down, Wismar was accepted into UNESCO’s prestigious league of World Heritage Sites, joining ranks with the Great Barrier Reef and others, for its many Gothic and renaissance-style buildings in the town centre. The scenic fisher town and its stunning beaches and forests has grown a favourite amongst students (Wismar has an excellent practice-focused technology, business & design university) and tourists from all over the world.

Gothic brick Houses in Wismar Photo by Paula Soler-Moya on Flickr

Gothic brick Houses in Wismar, Germany

While you’re in Wismar you might like to;

  • Wander around the old town to see the typical red brick gothic style houses that are typical of this Hanseatic town and visit the churches of Marienkirche with its tall church tower, St Nicholai and St Georgen.
  • Visit the huge market square and neo-classical Rathaus or town hall which houses an exhibition in the basement about the history of Wismar.
  • Take a boat trip around the working harbour where you may spot everything from massive cruise ships to small sailing boats and in summer you can take a trip to the island of Poel.
  • Take a tour of the Winsmar brewery, Brauhaus am Lohberg where you can take a tour as well as tasting some of the excellent local beers.
  • Take a day trip to the romantic Schwerin Castle set by the lake and surrounded by beautiful gardens, once the home of the dukes of the Mecklenburg.
  • Hire a bike and cycle some of the Baltic sea cycle route from Wismar, or try the 35km cycle path from Wismar to Schwerin.
Schwerin castle Photo by volker moebius on Flickr

Schwerin Castle in Germany

Although you might not have heard of Wismar with its beaches, ports, forests and islands, this German town is definitely worth a trip, don’t you think?

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Photo Credits: Harbour at Winsmar by nydiscovery7 , Street in Wismar by Paula Soler-Moya, Gothic brick houses by Paula Soler-Moya, Schwerin castle by Volker Moebius

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Be adventurous in Argentina – six of the best regions to explore

When it comes to appreciating the great outdoors, there are a multitude of destinations around the world which fit the bill, however, nowhere does it in quite as much style as Argentina. There’s a huge amount to see in this vast country, from waterfalls to wildlife, city streets to gaucho ranches, wine estates to stunning beaches. Here’s a low-down on the very best places for adventure in Argentina.

Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina Photo: Matito of Flickr

Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina


For some adventurous souls, Argentina’s southern state of Patagonia is the jumping off point for cruises to Antarctica. But there’s a lot more to this beautiful wilderness. Try heading down to the Los Glaciares National Park – filled with lakes, mountains and quaint local townships – for great treks and ice-walking. Crampon your way up the awe-inspiring Perito Moreno glacier and watch as huge blocks of ice falls away into the ocean as the glacier slowly advances into the water.

The Valdes Peninsula in Argentina Photo: Berlotti of Flickr

The Valdes Peninsula in Argentina

The Valdes Peninsula

It’s all about the wildlife in the Valdes Peninsula. Go offshore for some staggering whale-watching and feel the thrill as a humpback whale swims beneath your boat. A tour will also introduce you to some of the other residents of the area: orcas, dolphins, penguins, elephant seals and sea lions.

Street Cafes in Mendoza, Argentina Photo: betta design of Flickr

Street Cafes in Mendoza, Argentina


The kind of adventure on offer in Argentina is more of a gastronomic kind. Indulge in tours of the various wineries and dine at the indulgent in-house cafes and restaurants. Back in town, you can wander through the colonial plazas and leafy streets for a relaxing few days of fun.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina Photo: Malingering of Flickr

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

The Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is a sight to behold. From the Argentinian side of the falls you can thread your way above, below and through the waters and surrounding jungle on brilliantly designed wooden walkways. Because of this, it is sometimes said that ‘from the Brazilian side you see the falls, and from the Argentinian side you live them’. For a real taste of adventure, take a motorboat up to the very edge of the falling water – be deafened and drenched by the longest stretch of cascading water in the world!

Riding in the hills near Cordoba, Argentina Photo: longhorndave of Flickr

Riding in the hills near Cordoba, Argentina


If you’re a huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ kinda gal or guy, you might want to try your hand at dove shooting. Cordoba – Argentina’s second largest city – is one of the best places in the world for this sport. Stay on a ranch for the ultimate experiences and trek, cycle or horse-ride up into the surrounding hills for magnificent views and a lungful of fresh air.

San Carlos de Bariloche Photo: Miradas.com.br of Flickr

San Carlos de Bariloche

The Lake District

From the city of Bariloche travelers can explore the snow-capped Andes and lakes of this stunning part of the country. There’s plenty of hiking, fishing, golf and horse riding on offer in the area, as well as some glorious spas and luxury hotels. Particularly adventurous types might want to attempt the lake crossing from Bariloche across into Chile – but only if you don’t mind leaving Argentina behind!

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Photo credits: Perito Moreno by Matito, Peninsula Valdes by Berlotti, Peatonal by betta design, Iguazu Falls by Malingering, Dos Lunas Estancia by longhorndave, and San Carlos de Bariloche by Miradas.com.br.

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How to prepare a crab à la Française – Video

You’ll have read about how I went fishing for crabs on the island of Houat off the coast of Brittany, with my friend Isabelle and her family. The sun shone, the tide was low for digging shelfish and the oysters and mussels were plentiful on the rocks. But at the end of the day, we only had two small crabs and so we resorted to visiting the fisherman at the harbour to buy some larger crabs that we could actually eat.

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When we got home, Isabelle gave me a demonstration of how to prepare a crab à la Française, the knowledge which every person living in Brittany absorbs from childhood, where oysters and crevettes are just an everyday meal. Here’s all you need to know about cooking the crabs, preparing them for the table and finally eating them. Ah, the delights of eating food that was freshly caught that day, even if not by me!

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