Sky, Sea, Stories and Savings in Sentosa, Singapore

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Looking for things to do in Singapore? In this article about the island resort of Sentosa you’ll find something to keep the whole family happy, whether you’re a history buff,  thrill-seeker, beach lover or want to try the tastes of Asia

“Singapore very boring, nowhere to go!”

Okay, so Aaron wants to do this, Bob don’t want, Clara don’t mind, but Diana went before!

Sounds familiar? It’s the holidays and it’s time to have fun with friends, but it’s not so easy to coordinate different preferences, budgets and still have a lot of fun.

Fort Siloso Cannon on Sentosa, Singapore

Fort Siloso Cannon on Sentosa

Luckily on the resort island of Sentosa, I found my remedy in Sentosa’s Play Pass. This play pass allows us to visit 13 different, amazing, exciting attractions for just one price! Sentosa isn’t just about sun tanning or playing beach games. You’ll be surprised to see how much you can actually do there with the Play Pass. Let me show you;

For the history buffs

If you find yourself the only one awake in class during history lessons, you’ll love Fort Siloso and Images of Singapore. Relive Singapore’s journey from colony to nation and immerse yourself in rich Asian cultures and experience how life was like then. With life size wax figures, old tunnels and original guns, cannons, film clips and photographs from yesteryear, history truly comes to life.

For the thrill-seekers:

Luge ride and Skyride at Sentosa, Singapore

Luge ride and Skyride at Sentosa

Now the real fun begins! Pretend you’re an F1 driver in Southeast Asia’s first ever Luge ride! Zoom your way down the tracks and challenge your friends in this exhilarating go-cart experience! After the excitement, take a breather and enjoy the horizon view from the Skyride. Did I mention, it’s unlimited times on the skyrides with the Play Pass!

If you prefer cinematic animation, then Cineblast, Desperados and Sentosa 4D Magix is for you. Get ready to be tossed around in your seats, feel the wind in your hair and let the water rush pass you in this magical interactive movie experience! It’s almost like you’re IN the movie!

For the dare-devils:

Wavehouse at Sentosa, Singapore

Wavehouse at Sentosa

Not enough excitement and now you’re craving for more adrenaline? Step up and ride the waves in Wavehouse! Singapore’s first flow-barrels let you show off your wave-riding skills (and your hot bod) in a laidback environment. Now you don’t have to go to Florida to be a surfer, Flowrider comes to you. If you’re worried about being a newbie, there are trained (and hot!) professional instructors to teach you. Besides, falling down is half the fun actually! Oh, and don’t forget, no sharks to bite you here!
*Available only in Premium Play Pass.

Up in the Air

If you don’t like water much, then challenge your limit with the Flying Trapeze! Soar through the heights like Tarzan and let out a jungle cry if you want to. If flying around like a bird isn’t challenging enough for you, then using concentration, strength, co-ordination and timing to do it will be.

Flying trapeze at Sentosa, Singapore

Flying trapeze at Sentosa, Singapore

For those with a lush palete

Tastes of Singapore at Sentosa

Tastes of Singapore at Sentosa

Head to Taste of Singapore for Singapore’s signature dishes. Eat until shiok at this buffet style café, choose from Asian, Western or… both! Beef kwayteow, pasta Napoli, laksa, biryani all you can eat and all in one place! Of course, true to Singapore’s style, there are two outlets (Siloso and Imbiah) so no one goes home hungry. This All-You-Can-Eat pass is only $19.90 (U.P. $25.00) with a purchase of the Day Play Pass.

The best part about all these activities is that it’s really affordable.
1. Day Play Pass: 13 attractions for a price of $63.90 (U.P. $161)
2. Noon Play Pass: 4 attractions for a price of $37.90 (U.P. $67)
3. Premium Play Pass: 13 + 3 attractions for a price of $65.90 (U.P. $97)

If this isn’t the Great Singapore Sale spirit, I don’t know what is. That’s 16 attractions for $65.90, is a mere $4 per attraction. So grab your friends and family for an unforgettable day.

If you are a history buff, a lush palete, a thrill-seeker, or a dare-devil, Sentosa Play Pass is the best for you!

My thanks for this article to Sentosa Play Pass.

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