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You’ll have read about how I went fishing for crabs on the island of Houat off the coast of Brittany, with my friend Isabelle and her family. The sun shone, the tide was low for digging shelfish and the oysters and mussels were plentiful on the rocks. But at the end of the day, we only had two small crabs and so we resorted to visiting the fisherman at the harbour to buy some larger crabs that we could actually eat.

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When we got home, Isabelle gave me a demonstration of how to prepare a crab à la Française, the knowledge which every person living in Brittany absorbs from childhood, where oysters and crevettes are just an everyday meal. Here’s all you need to know about cooking the crabs, preparing them for the table and finally eating them. Ah, the delights of eating food that was freshly caught that day, even if not by me!

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5 Comments on "How to prepare a crab à la Française – Video"

  1. jessiev on Wed, 26th Aug 2009 5:35 pm 

    how was the guts sauce? what a fun video – lots of laughter. i enjoyed it!

  2. Fly Girl on Wed, 26th Aug 2009 7:28 pm 

    I’m allergic to shellfish but crab fishing sounds fun. I don’t think I could actually cook them but it seems like a fun sport.

  3. marina k. villatoro on Thu, 27th Aug 2009 12:59 pm 

    We used to do that when I lived in New England. Actually, we did that more with lobsters. I think it’s a very similar process and a bit scary actually.

    Poor guys 🙁 but so tasty!

  4. Wanderluster on Sat, 29th Aug 2009 2:07 pm 

    I agree with Marina – poor guys! But, the video was fun and it looks like you had a great time making it!

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    […] fishing for crabs on the Ile de Houat in Brittany, France How to prepare a crab à la Française A postcard from Conleau near Vannes in […]

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