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In my travel podcast series, I have a podcast interview about the rainforests of Ecuador you’ll hear how to enjoy how to enjoy your rainforest experience, as well as the many other diverse areas of of the country, the Avenue of the Volcanoes, the Indian markets, and the beaches of Manabi province where you can see migrating whales.


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Heather Cowper and Luis Hernandez at the World Travel Market Photo: Heatheronhertravels.com

Heather Cowper and Luis Hernandez at the World Travel Market

While I was at the World Travel Market recently, I met up with my friend from Ecuador, Luis Hernandez who was part of the Ecuador country stand, promoting his travel business and Cuyabeno Lodge. When I visited Ecuador with two friends two years ago, we spent an amazing week travelling by canoe down the Rio Bobonaza and stopping at the Rainforest Community at Sarayaku for a few days, all of which was organised by Luis and he also accompanied us.

Luis Hernandez with Sr Guarlingez at Sarayaku

Luis Hernandez with Sr Guarlingez at Sarayaku

Rainforest Community at Sarayaku in Ecuador

Rainforest Community at Sarayaku in Ecuador

Luckily Luis had made the journey before, so he knew the local communities and also had military connections which smoothed our journey through the lower river military zone near Peru considerably. Luis had also been elected as a member of the Ecuadorian Congress, just before our trip and so he was the man the rainforest communities wanted to meet, to put across their point of view and speak in the schools to their students.

I thought Luis with both his military jungle experience and knowledge as a tour operator and guide would be a great person to talk to about the best of Ecuador. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Show notes

In this interview with Luis Hernandez we discussed;

  • The Cuyabeno Lodge in Ecuador; where it is, how you get there, the type of accommodation and what you would do while you are there
  • The steps the Cuyabeno lodge take to be eco-friendly, such as using solar energy, using biodegradable products and recycling waste, as well as employing local people or transport by canoe and guides.
  • The variety of Flora and Fauna you can find at Cuyabeno Reserve and lagoon, such as birds, plants, flowers, river turtles, cayman and even pink dolphins
  • How to deal with a snake, cayman or anaconda if you should meet one in the forest
  • The equipment that you might need in order to be comfortable in the jungle, such as wellington boots, hat, suncream, insect repellant, torch and what health advice Luis gives to his visitors.
  • The problems in Ecuador with oil exploration and logging and how supporting tourism in the rainforest areas will put money into the local economy and prevent the destruction of the rainforest.
  • Other areas of Ecuador to visit, such as the mountainous Andean area of the Avenue of the Volcanoes where you can hike and walk on the volcanoes of Cotopaxi and Chimborazo staying in old haciendas.
  • The Indian markets of Otavalo on Saturdays and Saquisili on Thursdays
  • On the coastal area, Luiz recommends the south of Manabi province which has the Machalilla national park and the beach of  Canoa in the north and Isla de las Plata where you can see migrating whales in July and August.
  • The political situation in Ecuador which is generally calm and stable – although the factions within the government may dispute among themselves, the situation for tourists is calm. The government is also creating a good network of roads and infrastructure, which makes it easy for visitors to get around.
  • The music on the podcast was Venus as a Girl by Andy McGee on Musicalley.com


Cuyabeno Lodge and Neotropic Turis – Travel company in Ecuador the organises tours throughout Ecuador as well as to Cuyabeno Lodge
Sarayaku Rainforest Community that we visited on my trip to Ecuador
Ecuador Tourism website
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heatheronhertravels' Ecuador - river journey photoset heatheronhertravels’ Ecuador – river journey photoset

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Friday Photo – Take a Hot Bath in Banos – in Ecuador

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This week I met up with an old friend from Ecuador at the World Travel Market and it reminded me of the happy few days I spent in Banos on my trip to Ecuador a couple of years ago. The town is known for being a holiday centre, both for Ecuadorian families and for backpackers. It’s a great place for cycling, hiking, white water rafting and of course the hot baths that give the town it’s name.

Thermal baths in Banos, Ecuador

Thermal baths in Banos, Ecuador

These baths were just along the road from our hotel and were really an out-door swimming pool that were packed with families at weekends. The green colour is caused by the minerals, and there was a tepid pool, like a warm bath, a hot pool and an icy cold pool. You could also take a cold shower under the waterfall coming straight down off the cliff behind the baths.

I liked the fact that this was not a chi chi kind of place but just a public baths where you could take a shower under the waterfall. That’s not the sort of experience you could get just anywhere in the world. You can read my full post about my time in Banos in my article Warm Baths and Waterfalls at Banos in Ecuador

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heatheronhertravels' Ecuador - Banos photoset heatheronhertravels’ Ecuador – Banos photoset

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Friday Photo – Washday on the Rio Pastaza – in Ecuador

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In October 2007 I took a trip to Ecuador with a couple of friends, down the River Bobonaza as far as the Peruvian border, where the river meets the much larger River Pastaza. Although this isn’t an open border between the two countries, we were given permission to cross over to the Peruvian town of Andaos, just for a few hours.

This is where I took the photo of these children on the banks of the river. At first I thought they were just having some fun splashing around in the water, but on looking closer I realised that they were also doing the laundry. The wooden struts of the old wooden boat made a great place for hanging out the washing. I can’t imagine my kids having so much fun loading the washing machine, can you?

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