Guest Posts

Guest Posts are designed for travel bloggers or writers who have something of interest to say about a particular destination and wish to showcase their travel writing and promote their personal blog or website.

If, however you are a business wishing to promote your travel product or service, please check out my Promotional Post Page

If you’re interest in submitting a Guest Post to be published on Heather on her travels, I’d love to hear from you. Please read the guidelines below and then contact me with your ideas by e-mail;

About Heather on her travels

Heather on her travels aims to provide travel inspiration and destination information to help readers plan their trip and turn their dream into a reality. The blog is primarily destination focussed, although I sometimes also cover travel resources and products that are of interest to my readers. I generally invite guest posts that are about places to visit and the things to see there, experiences to enjoy and places to stay. For more information about the ethos of this blog, please read my About Page.

Benefits of Guest Posts

If you are a travel blogger or writer, a guest post published at Heather on her travels may benefit you in the following ways;

  • A platform for your great travel stories, experiences and photos
  • Coverage on a well established and well regarded travel blog
  • Being published on Heather on her travels can help build your readership and your Search Engine Ranking.
  • You may be able to offer extra coverage for any travel companies that have sponsored your travels, providing the guest article is written in a personal and non-commercial way.

Guidelines for Guest Posts

Generally the kind of guest post that is published at Heather on her travels will meet the following criteria;

  • Content must be unique, not published elsewhere, or republished in the future
  • About destinations and things to do, not travel information or news
  • Worldwide locations and European destinations are fine
  • Personal in tone, and demonstrating personal knowledge of the destination
  • Not too general -  for example favourite things to do in a particular town or region rather than a country.
  • Feature things that are unusual, off the beaten track or that the average tourist would not find
  • Often with a theme e.g. Secret places, markets, historic sites, food specialties, local carnivals and festivals, family holidays.
  • Plenty of useful detail and information about the place, not too generic
  • Articles must be family friendly in content and tone
  • Please bear in mind that our target audience is the 35-55 year old traveller who likes a few comforts but is still open to new experiences and adventure.
  • Typical themes that we cover on this blog include food, art/design/culture, historic sights, soft adventure e.g. hiking, family travel with teenagers, cruise.
  • Articles will typically be between 700 and 1000 words long
  • I am open to proposals from travel bloggers and writers who wish to provide additional coverage for destination or accommodation sponsors, provided that the guest article is written in a personal and non-commercial style.

For Guest posts, we allow you to mention the writer’s personal blog or website. If, however you wish to promote commercial travel products and services, please read my Promotional Post Page.

You may link to the official websites of attractions that you mention or to the official tourism websites of regions or countries that you are writing about, although we reserve the right to edit these links.


Because I love colours, photos and images and believe they enhance the article and blog, I encourage you to send me as many of your own great photos as you have to accompany your guest post. However, if you do not have suitable photos of your own, please be aware of the following;

  • All photos used to illustrate the guest article must be correctly licenced for this kind of use and not subject to copyright restrictions
  • If you do not have any suitable photos of your own, others may be available from photo sharing sites such as Flickr, provided they have been given a Creative Commons for republication. To find creative commons photos on Flickr, conduct an advanced search only for photos with a Creative Commons Licence.

What to do next

If you’d like to submit a Guest Post, please contact me with your ideas by e-mail;

I’m looking forward to hearing from you

Heather Cowper

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