Atop Watches – A Top Way to Tell the Time? – Review and Giveaway

Thanks to Guest Reviewer, Emma Gray of Emma’s Travel Tales for this review of the Atop Timezone Range and read on as we are also giving away one of these colourful Atop Timezone watches.

I’m absolutely the type of girl who would rather be really early to something than risk being late. I get irrationally worked up if I think I’m going to be late for something. At university I’d frequently turn up 25 minutes early for a lecture rather than be pushed for time, I must have looked like such a keen student! I’ve even arrived so early at airports for flights that check in hasn’t even opened yet!

Atop Timezone Watches Photo: http://www.atoptimezone.co.uk/ Published at Heatheronhertravels.com

Instantly see the correct time in any zone

When I was offered a stylish watch to review that promised it could easily and accurately tell the time in different time zones around the world I jumped at the chance. In everyday life and especially on my travels I normally rely on my trusty iPhone to tell me the time but sometimes it’s just not realistic to rely on a gadget like that. I’m also prone to losing or breaking my phone when I travel so having a watch strapped to my wrist is surely a good idea!

The unique selling point of the Atop range of watches is that they have a 12 hour base screen showing the time changes in selected cities in different time zones. The watch has a bezel which you simply twist round to the city and time zone you want and the hands change on the clock face to the correct time in whatever place you want.

As a traveller with friends around the world I found it really useful for checking the time in the different areas my friends were in to see if it was too early or late to Skype them and swap our latest travel stories!

Emma Gray tries out the Atop Timezone Watch Photo: Emma Gray for Heatheronhertravels.com

Emma Gray tries out the Atop Timezone Watch

Great style without sacrificing function

I tested out the VWA range of Atop watches which are priced at around £80, and I really liked the choice of funky colours that was available within this range. You could easily get one to match all your different outfits!

The face of the watch is really clear and easy to read and even has luminous hands that allow you to easily check the time in the dark. Perfect for those times where you end up waking up during the night in a hotel room and quickly checking the time without fumbling for the light switch.

Atop Timezone Watch Photo: Emma Gray for Heatheronhertravels.com

The watch strap was rubber, so lightweight and durable. In all honesty I’d probably have preferred a leather strap and leather straps are available on their more pricey models, such as the WWS (priced at £160) and WWB Range (priced at £165). There is also the WWS Steel Range which features a nice steel strap (priced at £220) and I think it would look really stylish on a guy.

Overall, I really like this watch and found it comfortable to wear. I loved the concept of being able to accurately tell the time all over the world whenever I wanted to. It’s definitely a product that would be perfectly suited to travellers who don’t like to rely on technology to tell them the time.

More Information about Atop World Time Watch

Atop World Time Watches are available only to buy online at the Atop Timezone website and the colourful VWA and WWA series retail from £80 although there are occasionally special promotions. Other ranges with steel and leather straps retail around £160-220. At this time Atop watches can only be delivered in Mainland UK. You can follow Atop World Time Watches on Twitter @AtopTimeZoneUK and on their AtopTimeZoneUK Facebook Page

Win an Atop World Time Watch in our Giveaway

If you’d like to win one of these colourful watches from the VWA range then enter using the widget below. We have one watch to give away and the winner may choose a watch from the VWA range in the colour of their choice provided it is in stock. Although Atop watches are normally sold in the UK, Atop have kindly agreed to ship the watch to the winner wherever they are located. The winner will be chosen at random from all entries. The giveaway will run for 2 weeks until midnight GMT on Monday 11 March.

To enter this giveaway please leave a comment at the bottom of the article stating which of these colourful watches you’d love to win.

To gain additional chances to win the watch you can

1. Tweet about the giveaway mentioning @heathercowper and @AtopTimeZoneUK. Example Tweets;

Check out the Giveaway of colourful #travel watches @heathercowper from @AtopTimeZoneUK http://ow.ly/i2GbQ

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2. Follow @heathercowper on Twitter

3. Follow @AtopTimeZoneUK on Twitter

Please let us know about your entries using the widget below

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Thanks to  Atop TimeZone UK who provided Emma with an Atop World Time Watch to review and one for us to give away, but did not influence the content of this review. These opinions are Emma’s own.

Update – This giveaway is now closed and I sincerely thank everyone who took part. Congratulations to winner Mike C. who will receive a black ATop TimeZone watch.

Emma Gray from Emma's Travel Tales

Emma Gray, blogger and freelance writer, is a travel addicted 22 year old from Scotland. With 26 countries under her belt and many more planned, she’s busy making memories around the world. You can connect with Emma on her blog Emma’s Travel Tales or through her Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social media.


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