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I was so excited to see my post about Bright skies and blue seas in Cornwall featured in the blog carnivals at both Europe a la Carte and Less than a shoestring (not sure how I managed to submit the same one to both, but just pleased that you liked it so much!)

Karen at Europe a la Carte aims to bring us travel experiences a little off the well worn tourist track on a modest budget – I totally agree Karen – I’d much rather use my budget wisely to experience all the wonderful things out there than have one big blow-out 5 star experience. That’s not to say that I don’t drool over all those luxury boutique hotels so favoured by the glossies – just can’t afford to indulge my fantasties right now.

I’m off to Rome soon, so I also enjoyed the post Karen picked out about Rome’s offbeat archaeology from the photographic blog Escape from New York – I’m looking forward to wallowing in all that history and archaeology, although I suspect my son will be more interested in seeking out the top ten gelati sellers when we go.

I’m also a big fan of Benji Lanyado, writing at the Guardian – one of the frontrunners in the British media on blogging and online activities – I enjoyed the featured post from Happy Hotelier on him meeting fellow bloggers in Paris.

Less than a shoestring is also a blog about enjoying our travels to the maximum while keeping the budget to a minimum. This blog brings us some great tips on how to make your £, $ or € go that little bit further and they host the Travel on a shoestring carnival for a different part of the world each week.

I enjoyed the featured posts from Wisebread on how to spend money wisely when travelling – a beer and some street food will bring you closer to the locals, while buying from local craftsmen and using the local tour operators will let you bring back an experience to remember. I’m with you on the buying gifts from local craftsmen – all my Christmas shopping last year was done in Quito.

Less than a shoestring’s own recommendations for Travel beauty products were also spot on – as more and more airlines start to charge extra for in-hold luggage, I’m looking for ways to beat them by travelling light, and doing my bit to cut down on the carbon emmissions.

I’m finding these blog carnivals are a great introduction to interesting blogs that I haven’t come across before – you can find out more about the other carnivals out there at the Blog carnival website.

Thanks to Flickmor and Daniele Muscetta at Flickr.com for the photos.

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    Happy Hotelier
    August 26, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Hi Heather

    Just (again) noticed this post. Actually it was a Brit who did a bit of bloggerhopping in Paris.

    But the idea of bloggerhopping is great!

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