Love and street-art in Bristol

…. is in the air in my home town of Bristol as the shops start to fill up with all things heart shaped in preparation for Valentine’s day.

The Bristol’s city museum has been caught up in the mood with this exhibition on the theme of love, which I went to see this weekend. I particularly liked the small paintings from the British artists Amrit and Rabindra Singh otherwise known as the Singh twins. They paint in the delicate style of an Indian miniature but weave in their observations on contemporary British life. Take a look at their work here.

The picture that caught my eye was entitled Stepin’ out with my baby – a young beauty goes heavy on the hair spray and straighteners in anticipation of meeting her boyfriend, under the approving eye of her style icon, Madonna – see some of the details below.

Love Exhibition at Bristol museum
As part of the exhibition there’s a blank canvas onto which visitors can add their own love message as part of an art-work for conceptual artist Yoko Ono.

Bristol City Museum - Love exhibition, Feb 08

How hard can this conceptual art thing be? I thought, so I created my own mini collage, dedicated to my three darling babies who are growing up so fast. Like hungry sparrows they squawk for attention but all too soon they’ll fly the love-nest….

Love Exhibition at Bristol museum
and here are some of the other contributions… (click to see the detail)

I took my inspiration from the street art around Bristol – check out the links to the Bristol photographers whose photos I used.

Thanks to (from top left to bottom right)saturnine, saturnine, skip the budgie, pixelm, strinberd, saturnine for the use of their photos from Flickr.com

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heatheronhertravels' Bristol - Love exhibition at city museum photoset heatheronhertravels’ Bristol – Love exhibition at city museum photoset

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