Celebrate la Bonne Année in Paris at New Year

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend this New Year’s Eve, this article from Charlotte McCullogh will give you ideas of how the Parisians celebrate, with fireworks over the Eiffel tower, un verre de champagne and seasonal treats such as fois gras and pralines.

Paris is one of the most colourful, exciting and effortlessly stylish cities to be in when welcoming in the New Year and if you are lucky enough to be in ‘The City the Light” on 31st December here are some ways to ensure you enjoy the very best of a “Bonne Année!”

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

Many visitors to the city choose to spend their New Year’s Eve celebrating at the more popular venues such as the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees. The element of spending New Year in such an iconic setting can, for some, be well worth jostling through the large crowds and the view of the Eiffel Tower as it glitters with lights at midnight is certainly not a sight to miss.

Happy revellers often take champagne and plastic flutes to enjoy a toast at the stroke of the New Year. Not best advised for those who don’t enjoy getting very close to strangers and having champagne spilt on them, however for those you don’t mind, this is thoroughly enjoyable way to spend New Year in happy interaction with those around you.

There are many fireworks displays around the city that can be seen from the vantage point of the Champs-Elysees or for a fantastic view head to The Sacre Coeur Cathedral plaza in Montmartre which due to its elevated position has views for miles around. Do note that it is not illegal for people to set off fireworks in the street, this can seem a little shocking for visitors if there are fireworks going off in their proximity.

Champagne for New Year in Paris

Champagne for New Year in Paris

When it come to dining in the city on New Year’s Eve there are many fantastic restaurants to choose from, however with prices as much as 200€ a head and restaurants full to bursting seasoned visitors to Paris would recommend avoiding eating out at all. If you are lucky enough to have accommodation that permits it, a novel and enjoyable way to eat on New Year’s eve is to head to one of Paris’ excellent markets and stock up on treats, including fois gras, caviar, papillottes – delicious festive chocolates with fillings such as praline, ganache, hazelnuts or nougat and make your own New Years meal.

Celebrate New Year in Paris

Celebrate New Year in Paris

And of course wash it all down with a glass of champagne or Vin Chaud, a hot wine often served at this time of year. For the romantics out there why not turn the concept into a picnic, wrap up warm, grab yourself a blanket and enjoy eating your food amongst the jubilant atmosphere as passers by wish you a Bonne Année! You could even place your very own love lock on the Pont des Artes.

The 1st January after much celebrating the night before, provides the perfect day for exploring the city, although many of the shops and tourist attractions will be closed today, take the opportunity to stroll around Paris and enjoy the world famous sights this fantastic capital has to offer. It might even be the perfect medicine for clearing a slightly delicate head from all the champagne and fine wine from the night before!

The French celebration of St Sylvestre lasts for the entire month of January so don’t be surprised if locals wish you a happy new year long after your New Year’s eve hangover has cleared! Locals exchange bises, small kisses to both cheeks and present each other with cards and presents throughout the month.

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Photo Credits:  Eiffel Tower at New Year by viZZZual.com,  Festive Bredele by fred_v , Champagne outside by markhillary

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