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I hope you’ll have got the message by now about Passports with Purpose, the charity raffle that is being supported by Travel Bloggers all over the blogsphere to raise money for Heifer International, a charity that fights poverty and hunger at grass-roots level. If by any chance you haven’t heard (perhaps you’re just back from the rainforest or desert and have been starved of internet access), read my post on Fabulous raffle prizes at Passports with Purpose and then check out all the Passports with Purpose prizes and then head over to First Giving to buy your tickets.

I’m taking the next few posts to thank all my wonderful sponsors who have contributed to my prizes of two Christmas Hampers of Travel Inspiration, with travel guides, books, DVDs and stationary to inspire your travel plans in 2009. Today, I’m telling you a bit more about Paperblanks, who have donated a box of beautiful 2009 planner diaries. I’ve put two in each of my hampers (one for you and one for your loved one) and the rest I’m offering as a bonus prize to the first 18 of you who buy your raffle ticket and then leave a comment on any of my Passports with Purpose posts. So if you’re quick you have a chance to get one of these diaries, whether you win a raffle prize or not.

Now any serious traveller and blogger knows that a pocket notebook is an essential travel item to keep in your daysack (or Gucci handbag) and why not have one from Paperblanks that’s a pleasure to look at and use. When I was in Ecuador, my little Paperblanks pocket book became the place where I wrote snippets of travel articles, noted down interesting things people said and recorded names and e-mails that I’d need later. I often refer back to it even a year later and I’ve now got a second one which is almost full of information from my other trips this year.

Paperblanks products are notable for their wonderful cover designs with inspiration from all over the world, and the thought that’s gone into their design. They stay shut with magnetic or elastic bindings, are beautifully printed on acid free paper and have a little pouch in the back for all those business cards and mementos that you pick up along the way.  They are also committed to minimising their Environmental Impact and support a number of Social Causes in addition to Passports with Purpose.

If you win one of these diaries, you’ll find them a pleasure to use throughout the year, and a place to start working out your travel plans for 2009.

You’ll find that Paperblanks products are widely available in giftshops and airports throughout Europe and in the US you can find them in Borders, Barnes & Noble, Utrecht and Amazon.com.

So a big thank you to Paperblanks for supporting Passports with Purpose and do check them out if you’re still looking for Christmas Gift ideas.

NOW – if you haven’t already bought your Passports with Purpose raffle ticket, do check out the Passports with Purpose web-page here to choose your prize and head over to First Giving here to buy your tickets. Then come back to this or one of my other Passports with Purpose posts and leave a comment to claim your free Paperblanks diary that I’ll be sending to the first 18 ticket buyers to leave a comment (it doesn’t matter which raffle prize you’ve opted for).

Here are all the links you need
Go to the Passports with Purpose web page to check out all the prizes
Go to First Giving to make your donation
Read about Heifer International, fighting world poverty and hunger

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