The blogging girl’s tale of Rwanda

Usually I travel because it makes me happy. I’m curious to experience different ways of looking at the world, to taste the food, take in the scents and sounds and soak up the sunshine and warmth of friendship and hospitality.

But sometimes we travel to dark, dark places where unimaginable things happen. One such place is Rwanda.

Maryam’s blog My Marakesh is usually the place where I go to find gorgeous design, textiles, food and entertaining tales of her setbacks as she builds her Guest House in Marakesh. But lately Maryam’s in Rwanda and reminding us that there are some places in the world are evil has been done while the world turned and looked the other way.

I read about Vestine, a lady close to me in age, to whom terrible things were done. Vestine is only one of many men, women and children who suffered in unspeakable ways, but her story reminds us that every victim has a face and their own story to tell. In another life that could have been me, or you.

Even though it may move you to tears I know you’ll want to head over to My Marakesh and read Vestine’s story and I’m sure you’ll want to help, as I do, by sending a Paypal donation to Maryam to help survivors of the Rwandan genocide, like Vestine.

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    July 2, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    Rwanda can never go back those genocide days it has greatly changed especially with the tourism sector with the main activity as gorilla trekking. You can take a trip to Rwanda for gorilla trekking at a permit fee of 750$. Alternatively Uganda at a fee of 500$, its fun and memorable to go gorilla tracking since they are mans’ closest cousins facing extinction.

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