Contributing writers

Last updated April 2019 – currently open for article submissions

I am currently looking for a limited number of articles by contributing writers. If you are looking for article to promote a commercial website please look at my sponsored post information.

Who is likely to be accepted as a contributing writer

You should be:

  • A travel blogger with an established website producing high quality articles and photos.
  • A travel writer with a track record of published articles, the ability to provide relevant high quality photos and a personal website.
  • A blogger or writer that has one or more active social media channels that you can use to promote your articles.
  • You will have recent and in depth personal experience of the place you submit an article about.

The benefits of being a contributing writer at

  • Another outlet to showcase your writing and photography
  • Another to mention tours, hotels, destinations that may have hosted you
  • An author profile and bio link back to your website from our DA 51 website

The types of article we are looking for

We are looking for articles on the following topics:

  • “Things to do in X” articles for second cities or regions within a country.
  • “Things to do in X for …. (mention a theme)” for capital cities – an article that is about things to do but with a sub theme such as romantic, culture, active, art.
  • “Food in X” for cities or regions within a country – covering where to eat, typical dishes, food experiences.
  • Itinerary articles – covering a touring or road trip itinerary for a country or region within a country e.g.” 7 day itinerary for X country”
  • Walking / hiking overview articles e.g. 5 best hikes around X

The articles need to tailored for our audience

  • 50+ affluent UK traveller
  • Interested in an authentic travel experience, the connect them with the local culture.
  • Affluent and looking for a little luxury – prioritising comfort and style over cost.
  • Interested in culture, art, history, design
  • Active traveller interested in soft adventure such as walking, hiking, cycling, kayaking

Article Guidelines

  • Between 1000 and 2000 words long.
  • About a place that you have personally visited and have in depth knowledge of.
  • Topic and tone need to keep in mind our target audience of the 50+ affluent traveller
  • Please check carefully for spelling (UK version) and punctuation.
  • Split into paragraphs with sub headings
  • Family friendly topic and tone, no gambling related content.
  • Each paragraph should be accompanied by a relevant, high quality photo, with around 10 or more photos in total. See photo guidelines for more info.
  • Indicate where each photo should be placed within the article.

Photo Guidelines

Photos should be:

  • High quality and relevant to the article topic
  • Resized to 1000-1500 pixels on longest dimension and 500-800 kb file size
  • Taken by the author or by someone who has given you written permission for their use. Copyright free photos e.g. Pixabay may also be submitted but in this case a link should be provided to the original photo so we can check any photo credit requirements.
  • We need at least 10 photos per article and may use up to 20 photos per article. There should be one relevant photo for each paragraph / article section.
  • A mixture of landscape and portrait orientation as we use both in our articles.
  • We need one of the landscape orientation images to be suitable to use as a ‘feature photo’ and one portrait orientation image to be suitable for a pinterest image.
  • Copyright for photos remains with the photographer, however you grant this website non-exclusive rights to use the photos in the articles and on social media to promote the article.
  • We require an author headshot photo to include with the author bio which should be square aprox 500 x 500 pixels

Link policy

You can include the following links in your article

  • Links to official website of visitor attractions, tours or organised experiences, hotels, restaurants, tourism board that are mentioned in your article (however we reserve the right to remove these or replace with affiliate links)
  • A link in the author bio to the home page of your blog or personal website.
  • A link in the body of the article to another article written by you on your own blog or personal website if it is highly relevant to the topic of your article.

We do not allow links to:

  • Commercial travel websites (please use sponsored posts if looking for this option)
  • Your affiliate links – we may add our own affiliate links
  • Links to articles that are not on your own website or are by other authors.


We offer £30 payment for articles and use of photos that we have pre-agreed with you and approved for submission. Payment is via UK bank account or paypal within 7 days of receipt of article and photos, assuming no revisions required.


Please note that articles are scheduled according to our requirements and may take up to 6 months to be published.

Article Promotion

Following publication of your article, we request that you

  • Share the article link at least once on each of your relevant social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram stories, Linkedin, Tripadvisor
  • Add a link to the article from your website, either in another relevant article on your website or in an “in the media” area on your website.

Article submission process

If you would like to submit an article for consideration please follow the following steps:

1. Check that submissions are open (listed at top of this page)

2. Contact me by email with the information listed below.


Please email as follows

  • Email subject: Contributing writer submission – your name / website

In your email please include

  • Link to your blog or author website
  • Link to at least 1 social media channel that you could use to promote the article
  • Article title – pick one of the themes above and let me know the destination you propose
  • Article summary – 1-2 lines as a summary of the article and what it will cover
  • Your knowledge of the topic – let me know your expertise or when you visited this location.
  • Example of your writing – please provide a pdf or link to a published article you have written on a similar topic or that will provide an example of your writing style.
  • Photos – please provide a link to examples of your photos that you would use to illustrate this article e.g. in another similar article or photo hosting site.
  • Timing – when you would be ready to submit article – needs to be within 2-4 weeks of approval

3. We will normally respond within 1 week to let you know if we approve your article. Once your article is approved please send it within the agreed timescale – normally 2-4 weeks as follows

  • Article copy with embedded links, headings etc in a word document.
  • At the end of the article you must include an author bio of 2-3 lines with links to your blog / website and one social media channel.
  • photos for the article that meet the photo guidelines above should be sent via We Transfer, Google Drive or similar rather than by email.
  • We require an author headshot photo to include with the author bio which should be square 500 x 500 pixels

If after reading these guidelines carefully you have further questions please email heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com