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If you’re looking to work with a travel blogger to help promote your destination, accommodation, travel service or product, read on for what we can offer at Heather on her travels.

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Why work with Heather on her travels?

  • Heather on her travels is a travel blog written and edited by Heather Cowper and is based on Heather’s own travel experiences and insights.
  • The blog is about inspirational travel destinations and experiences, exploring the food, sights, culture and people that make each place unique.
  • Heather on her travels has been established for over 11 years and regularly appears on the lists of top 100 travel blogs worldwide.
  • Heather covers the following travel themes; European short breaks, UK weekend getaways, cruise, hiking and cycling, local food and gastronomy, culture and sightseeing, worldwide destinations with a culture, food, art and design or soft adventure theme.
  • Heather on her travels is a multimedia blog, for a richer travelling experience, with over 150 videos on YouTube (8K views per month), 14K Photos on Flickr (130K views per month) and 28 Travel Podcasts on ITunes
  • The blog is aimed at the 50+ affluent traveller looking for an authentic travel experience with a little luxury.
  • The blog appeals to both men and women but there is particular engagement from women over 50, who are often the decision makers in booking travel for themselves, their partners and their families.
  • Heather is based in Bristol, England and many of her travels are in Europe and the UK as well as worldwide.
  • Heather is part of Travelator Media, a group of leading UK bloggers who target the 40+ UK Quality Traveller and work together on travel campaigns for destinations and travel clients. (see more information below)

If you have a suggestion on how we might work together, please e-mail me at heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com

Stats for Heather on her travels

  • Domain Authority (DA) 51
  • Page Views Av. 47,000 per month (Source: 6 month average Google Analytics)
  • Unique Visitors Av. 35,000 per month (Source: 6 month average Google Analytics)
  • Video + podcast views/month 9,000 per month (Source: Youtube + Libsyn)
  • No of Articles: 1100 +
  • RSS Subscribers 800 + (Source: Feedburner + Bloglovin)
  • Twitter followers 14,900+
  • Facebook likes 3,000+
  • Instagram 18,200+
  • Pinterest 5,200+
  • Country breakdown: 31% UK, 22% Europe, 30% US & Canada, 17% rest of world

Social Media Channels

Twitter @HeatherCowper
Facebook Page

PR coverage

I work hard to ensure that any travel company I work with receives a good return through articles, videos, podcasts and other content that I publish on my blog as well as through my social media channels. You can be assured that I will be professional and reliable in the coverage I provide, as well as producing inspirational travel content designed to give my readers all the ideas and information they need to plan their next trip.

I typically work with travel companies, destinations or accommodation providers on an individual basis to sponsor elements of my trips and I plan well ahead, as work and family commitments typically make it difficult for me to travel at short notice. I work with leading travel companies and destinations worldwide, such as those listed below (click on the links to see examples of articles produced from these trips)

In 2014 Heather worked with the following travel and lifestyle brands; Wonderful Copenhagen, Andersen Hotel (Copenhagen), Marrakech-Riad, Easyjet, Premier Cottages, Macs Adventure, MSC Cruises, Visit Wales, Celebrity Cruises, Eileen Fisher, Joseph Ribkoff, Promenade View Cottage Mumbles,, Royal Princess, Flopz, South Tyrol, Knomo,

In 2013 Heather worked with the following travel and lifestyle brands;,,Prince Hall Hotel in Devon, Red Carnation Hotels (Dorset),, The Bristol Hotel, Lueftner Cruises (Rhine Cruise), Princess Cruises , Blacks, Ellis Brigham, Failte Ireland, Bosinver Farm Cottages (Cornwall), Milletts, St Mawes Retreats (Cornwall), Air France, Pullman Hotels (Paris), Cookening, Viator

In 2012 Heather worked with the following travel and lifestyle brands; Visit West Sweden(Gothenburg), Gower Cottages (Wales), JW Marriott (Texas), HomeAway (Texas),Hotel Valencia and Hotel Sorella (Texas), Park Inn Hotels (Texas), Visit Britain(Winchester), Visit Guernsey, Woodovis Park (Devon), Wimdu (Girona), Costa Brava Tourism (Girona)

Here’s what I can offer

  • Destination coverage – covering different aspects of the visit, such as food, accommodation reviews, sightseeing, activities, travel resources.
  • Hotel coverage – articles about hotels or accommodation including a short video
  • Restaurant coverage – articles about restaurants visited or on a theme of typical food of the destination
  • Attractions – individual articles about any attractions and travel experiences while drawing out themes of things to do that are enjoyable in the region.
  • Videos – Depending on the length of stay I will typically make short videos that are embedded in the accompanying blog article, available on my Youtube Channel. Check my Video archive for examples of my videos which are also posted on other internet video hosting sites for maximum coverage.
  • Podcast – Depending on the length of stay, I may make a travel podcast about the trip which is available for download from my blog and through iTunes and other podcast directories. All Podcasts are available for download through my blog. Check my Podcast archive for examples of my podcasts.
  • Photos – Any photos taken during my stay will be publicly available on my Flickr site with appropriate captions and a Creative Commons licence for use by others, as well as links to sponsor websites.
  • Social Media coverage during my stay through mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, social media mentions before the trip and to promote subsequent published content.If your destination website has a blog,
  • Facebook or Twitter account there are opportunities for cross promotion or support for future social media campaigns.
  • Visitor Information – my articles will typically include a visitor information section and include links to your destination or travel website and cross links to related articles. (Note that all links comply with Search Engine guidelines and best practice)
  • Content for Destination or company websites – I am happy to provide articles to appear on a sponsoring organisation’s website or blog.
  • Results tracking – I can provide metrics from my content following a trip, such as views for articles (Google Analytics), videos (Youtube), podcasts (Libsyn), photos (Flickr), Facebook views, Tweets, Instagram shares. These are typically produced 3-6 months after the trip to cover long term traffic and video views.

Please e-mail me at heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com if you have some suggestions on ways we can work together. I’m always happy to come up with ideas or a proposal that is specific to your company or destination.

How else can you work with me?

Due to work commitments I tend to plan around 1 trip a month and accept travel invitations where there is a close alignment with my travel interests or plans. This means that I am unable to accept as many invitations or visit as many places as I would like.

However, if you are looking for focussed coverage of your travel destination or brand you may also consider engaging me for specific assignments or projects. In this scenario I am available to travel solo and would agree a level of coverage and social media activity for each project, while retaining final editorial control over what I publish on my blog. A fee would be agreed for each project based on a day rate – please contact me for more information on my rates. As this is a paid scenario the coverage can be tailored to the themes that the travel client is looking to promote or the media they most favour (articles, video, podcasts, social media).

Working with Travelator Media

I am part of Travelator Media, a group of top UK travel bloggers. We are four well-established UK Blogs who collectively target the 40+ UK Quality Traveller and are available to work on paid campaigns and projects. While there are ever increasing numbers of travel bloggers, it can be time consuming for clients to research and develop relationships with the best bloggers to align with their brand. Through Travelator you can work with some of the most experienced and professional UK travel bloggers to access a large audience of the 40+ UK traveller looking for a quality travel experience.

We work with destinations or travel brands to create a campaign proposition where some or all of the Travelator group will visit a destination or experience the travel brand offering, provide social media coverage and produce a range of content (articles, videos, podcasts) to promote the destination or client. Any of the group not involved on the trip will support through social media amplification of the campaign, so that the client gets the benefit of our collective reach and audience. We agree a costed proposal for an expected level of coverage and share the results after the trip with the client, so you can judge the benefit of the campaign.

For more information on working with Travelator please get in touch to discuss your campaign ideas and we can give you a costed proposal based on your requirements and marketing objectives.

Product Reviews and Giveaways

If you have a travel related product or service to review please get in touch. I run travel product reviews and giveaways at Heather on her travels which showcases great travel products. I would need a sample of the travel product to be provided for review purposes and also one or more to give away if possible, as this generates maximum interest in your travel product.

I will either review the travel product myself or invite another travel blogger to write a guest review depending on the type of the product. I always endeavour to match the reviewer to the travel product in terms of travel style and location.

Accommodation Reviews

I am always happy to hear from accommodation providers who can offer a stay in return for an article about their accommodation. In the past I have worked with luxury, boutique and mainstream hotels, resorts, apartments, cottages and holiday parks. Where I personally stay at an accommodation, I will typically write an article about the stay, often incorporating a video, as well as mentioning the accommodation on any other relevant articles from the visit and providing social media coverage.

If I am unable to personally stay at your accommodation, I may still be able to help by finding another travel blogger who has plans to visit your area and can write an article in return for a stay at your accommodation. In this case a guest article about the accommodation will be published on Heather on her travels and social media coverage will be provided as well as other possible benefits such as mentions in other articles from the trip.

Please e-mail me at heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com if you would like to discuss an accommodation article

Promotional Posts

I am happy to accept promotional posts at Heather on her travels – Read the Promotional Post guidelines here

To discuss any other forms of promotion please feel free to contact me at heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com

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