Promotional Posts

The Promotional Post option is offered for travel businesses who wish to submit an article that promotes their travel service, product, hotel or resort. In order to comply with Google guidelines any links in Promotional Posts will be no-follow. There is a charge for this service and I offer 2 options in promotional post;

  • The travel company or PR agency provides an article and photos which is travel destination related and matches the guidelines below and may mention their travel website

or alternatively

  • I write an article on a topic of a destination that I have visited and the travel company or PR agency provides a short paragraph that may be added at the end of the article to promote the travel website. This option normally costs more to reflect the writing of the article

Rates for Promotional posts start at £350. If you would like any other details concerning Promotional posts, please read the details below and then contact me at


Guest posts

In the past I have occasionally taken unpaid guest posts from other bloggers and writers. However I am currently not accepting unpaid guest posts.

What is a Promotional Post?

  • For the purposes of this blog, a promotional post is a travel article, illustrated by relevant photographs that is normally provided by the travel company and is published on my blog at  Heather on her travels
  • The Promotional post may mention and link to the sponsor’s website but in order to comply with Google guidelines any links within promotional posts will include a rel=”nofollow” tag.
  • A Promotional Post is disclosed as such at the end of the article.
  • Promotional Posts are only accepted from businesses with travel related product or services, and are intended to promote travel related websites.

What is the Benefit to the Travel Company?

  • For a one-off payment, the promotional article you provide will stay on the blog for a minimum of 1 year and has the potential to attract traffic over an extended time frame.
  • A promotional article may offer more in depth information that is relevant to those interested in your travel destination or service than a banner ad could do.
  • A Promotional article is written in the same style as a normal article and although disclosed as a promotional post, may offer more value and attract more interest in the service than a typical advertisement.

How commercial can the Promotional post be?

Promotional posts should look similar to any other guest post with content that may be related to the travel service you wish to promote but is not overtly commercial. For example;

  • a resort or hotel may be promoted through an article about things to do in the area surrounding the resort or hotel
  • a holiday booking site may be promoted through an article about one of the popular destinations promoted on the website
  • A car hire company may be promoted through an article about a region that is ideal for a driving holiday with places of interest that may be found en route.

What type of promotional articles are suitable for Heather on her travels?

In general promotional articles accepted will fit the following criteria;

  • Content must be unique, not published elsewhere, or republished in the future
  • About destinations and things to do, not travel information or news
  • Worldwide locations and European destinations are fine
  • Articles must demonstrate an in depth knowledge of the destination
  • Articles must be family friendly in content and tone
  • Not too general – focus on a region or city rather than a country and about a single destination, rather than multiple destinations
  • Feature things that are unusual, off the beaten track or that the average tourist would not find
  • Often with a theme e.g. Secret places, markets, historic sites, family friendly,
  • Plenty of useful detail and information about the place, not too generic
  • Articles will typically be between 700 and 1000 words long
  • The article should not be specifically about the client services but may be on the theme of the type of holidays or travel services they offer
  • The article may incorporate a few lines at the end of the article introducing the travel company’s services e.g. This article is brought to you by X company, the specialists in X holidays in X countries.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to update any links or content in line with Google or other search engine guidelines if this changes.
  • We can guarantee that the article will remain live for 1 year although it may be there for longer.

What photographs do I need to provide?

  • Each promotional article needs to be illustrated by photographs provided by the travel company, normally between 3 and 6 photos may be used.
  • Photographs must be correctly licensed for this kind of use and not subject to copyright restrictions
  • Photos taken by the writer or from the travel company’s website and with permission to use are ideal
  • If such photos are not available, others may be available from photo sharing sites such as Flickr, provided they have been given a Creative Commons for republication. To find creative commons photos on Flickr, conduct an advanced search only for photos with a Creative Commons Licence.
  • If no photos are available from the routes above, it is possible to purchase royalty free photos from other websites.

What I will happen once the promotional article has been submitted?

  • Once received the article will be prepared for publication in an attractive way, with headings, photo captions, title tags, keywords etc to maximise traffic and viewer interest
  • The promotional articles will normally be published in the order received and with a maximum of one promotional or guest article per week
  • When you make an initial enquiry, I can tell you the likely publication date of your article.
  • Once the article has been published, it will be promoted in the same way as any other of my articles, by using Twitter and Facebook as well as being available to my subscribers through my RSS feed.
  • Once published I will email you with a link and request payment via paypal, or via my UK bank account, and send you an invoice.
  • Payment is due within 7 days of publication


To comply with the US Federal Trade Commission Endorsement Guidelines, UK advertising guidelines and in the interests of my readers, this blog has a policy of disclosing any sponsorship received and to be transparent about any financial interest.

Promotional Guest posts are always declared at the end of the article and more information is available on the types of promotional work I do on my Policies page

What to do next

Rates for Promotional posts start at £350 – if you require more information please email me at heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com

In your email, please let me know what type of article you have in mind and the site you will be linking to. I will then get back to you to confirm the cost and content of the article and the likely publication date.

Thank you for your interest in Heather on her travels

Heather Cowper

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