Everyday Lovely – Wild Garlic in the woods near Bristol

If you have a fantasy of wandering through a woodland glade, with a perfume in the air that is faintly floral but mostly onion, then you’d have enjoyed the wild garlic that I found blooming in the woods south of Bristol. This is my Everyday Lovely offering of something that you enjoy that is everyday or found on your doorstep, which is hosted over at the Teacher meets World Blog

I was out this bank holiday weekend for a short ramble with my husband and we ended up near Chew Valley lake where we had a later rendezvous with our son who needed a lift home. Short of time, we ended up parking the car in the small village of Compton Martin and walking up a lane that we vaguely remembered from a previous walking outing. As we walked into the woodland, we came across swathes of wild garlic in full bloom, with clouds of white which got more intense as we walked further into the wood.

Apparently the wild garlic or Allium Ursinum is a bit of a thug in the undergrowth as it tends to take over woods where the native English bluebell might otherwise grow. It’s a beloved of food foragers who pick the leaves for soups and salads, in a similar way that you might use chives or spring onions.

As we walked I tasted a few of the flowers which tasted like chives but with a slightly sweet edge and when we got home I made a salad, scattering a few over the top for an added onion bite. The flowers look very pretty too, although the onion smell is not quite what you expect in your living room. If you’d like a recipe for soup using the wild garlic you can find one here, or google to find one of the foodie sites that tell you how to use it.

If you’re a Bristol local, you can find our secret wild garlic glade in full flower in the second half of May by walking up the Coombe, opposite the Ring o’Bells pub in Compton Martin, just south of Chew Valley and Blagdon Lake. At the top of the lane a path leads you into the woodland, although I suspect that at any other time of year it would be just like any other leafy glade.

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    jen laceda
    May 27, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Hmmm, how interesting! Flowers / flowering herbs are making a comeback in restaurants, I heard! 🙂

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    May 31, 2009 at 7:43 am

    I actually imagined fairies hovering just above the wild garlic. These photos are magical, Heather. Thanks for sharing them with us via Everyday Lovely. It is amazing to me just how many things we take for granted and how, when we stop to see them from someone else’s eyes, they seem quite wonderful. Bristol must be a lovely place to live!

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