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This is where you’ll find tales from my travels, where I take you with me to meet the people, taste the food and experience the sights and sounds I came across along the way. I have some great great guest posts too featuring even more fabulous destinations you’ll want to put on your wish list. As well as seeing my photos and videos here on my blog, you can explore them in greater detail on my Flickr site and Youtube Channel. You’ll find reviews of must-have travel books and products and there are some great giveaways too. If you’re looking to build up your own blog, then check out the My Blogging Journey page, where I post ‘How to’ blogging articles based on my personal experience.

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My Travel story
As a child my parents loved to travel, and every summer we packed up the Morris Minor with camping gear and travelled round Europe. Like sunflowers, we followed the sun, and if the rain spoiled our fun we packed up and drove further south. The rule (which I never manage to enforce with my own children) was one ice cream a day.

As a student, became more adventurous – a ski-season in France, a working holiday in Hong Kong, I studied deforestation in Kenya and pigged out in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Later, with my husband we continued our explorations in Europe and around the world, fitting it all in around building our careers and making our nest together.

We moved from London to Bristol, where we are happily settled and the growing family meant that our travel horizons were a little more limited. Still we managed to see plenty of Europe and the odd jaunt to Africa. In those day, the demands of juggling business and family meant relaxation and fun with the kids was my main priority.

Things move on however, and with my family more independent of me, I started to look for a little more adventure. I certainly got it in a trip I took a couple of years ago to Ecuador with two friends which included an amazing trip into the Amazon basin by dug-out canoe. I remembered what I really loved about travel, to experience new cultures, connect with people who lived a different way, and enjoy beautiful surroundings, away from my normal busy life.

I documented my journey for friends and family on Flickr, but on my return I decided to start a travel blog to share my passion for travel more widely. For a year my blog was hosted at Blogger, before I moved it to my own domain on a WordPress blog at Heatheronhertravels.com.  The blogging has now become almost as much a passion as the travel – sometimes I ask myself if I blog about my travels or if I travel to fill my blog?

Whichever it is, you dear readers will get the benefit, as I share with you my travel adventures past, present and I hope many more to come in the future.

Read my article about how I set up this About Page

Guest Posts
If you’ve got a travel tale you’re burning to tell, with some nice photos, do get in touch about writing a guest post. Likewise, if you’ve written a book or have something else my readers would be interested in and would like to write a guest post to promote it, let’s talk.

Products and Promotion
If you have a product to promote that would interest my readers, and are happy to give away some freebies via my blog, then I’ll thank you by writing an informative and honest review of your product.

If have received a direct freebie or discount on anything I write about, then I’ll always let you know. However, rest assured that I’ll always give my honest opinion on anything I write about.


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