Disclosure Policy

Heatheronhertravels.com is a personal website edited and mainly written by myself, Heather Cowper. While I try to ensure that all information in my own articles is accurate at the time of writing, readers should take their own steps to verify this information where it is important to them. In the case of guest or promotional posts, the views in these articles are those of the guest writer and readers should take their own steps to verify any information that is important to them.

On this website I accept paid advertising in the form of banner ads that normally appear in my sidebar and occasionally in other areas of my site. For more information on advertising, please read my advertising page. I endeavour to ensure that any advertising that appears on Heatheronhertravels.com is travel related and family friendly. Heatheronhertravels.com is not responsible for the content of external websites that may advertise or be mentioned on this site, but if you have any concerns please about such websites, please let me know.

I also accept both Promotional posts and Guest posts. Guest posts are articles by other travel writers or travel bloggers and are posted free of charge on this site. Promotional posts are articles that I have been paid to publish by commercial travel companies. Both Guest posts and Promotional posts are always disclosed as such, normally in the introduction or the conclusion of the article e.g. “This article is brought to you by…” For more information on Promotional and Guest posts, please read my Guest post page. With Promotional posts (and indeed, Guest posts) I go to some length to work with the travel company to ensure that the article is of high quality and offers valuable information to all my readers on travel destinations or other travel related topics. The information about the advertiser with a link to their website is included in a paragraph at the end of the article, for those readers who wish to follow this up.

I accept both free and discounted stays in hotels or other accommodation in order to extend my travel opportunities in ways that I might not otherwise be able to afford and to enable me to write about this accommodation for the benefit of my readers. I always disclose if this has been the case at the bottom of the article, normally with some wording such as ‘I was hosted by…” or “I was a guest of…” I normally only accept such offers for places that I feel I will enjoy or my readers will be interested in, but in any case, my review will be honest and balanced and will not be influenced by whether or not I have paid to stay there. If nothing is mentioned in a review you can assume that I have paid for my stay myself. I occasionally post reviews of hotels or other attractions on other public travel review sites, but only in cases where I have paid myself and not been sponsored.

I accept free restaurant meals or free entrance to attractions for places that I feel I will enjoy and my readers will be interested in hearing about. I always disclose if this has been the case at the bottom of the article.

I accept press trips from tourism boards and other travel organisations which enable me to extend my travels to places I might not otherwise be able to visit, that I may then write about for the enjoyment of my readers. I will declare that my visit has been part of a press trip in articles I write subsequently on my website at the bottom of each article and wherever it is relevant. However, it would be impractical to include this in every passing mention of the destination on more general articles. Regardless of who has funded my trip, my articles will give my honest and balanced view of the places and attractions I am writing about.

I occasionally get asked to write a review of a travel product. If I feel that this will be of interest to my readers I will agree to write a review and in this case I will ask the company to send me a sample of the product for me to review and another sample to send to one of my readers as a giveaway. You can see examples of such reviews in the Giveaway and Travel Products section of the website. I do not accept direct payment for such product reviews and my review will always be honest and balanced regardless of receiving a free sample of the product. I will disclose any free products that I receive in the article.

In general the majority of my travel, flights, accommodation and visits to attractions are self-funded. If I do receive some sponsorship I regard this as a reward for the many unpaid hours I spend on producing travel articles, photos, podcasts and videos for the enjoyment of readers of Heatheronhertravels, and to help offset the costs of maintaining this website.

For any queries about my website or disclosure policy, please contact me at heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com

Comments Policy

I welcome reader comments on the articles I write at Heatheronhertravels.com. I especially value comments that add some reflections on what I have written or provide further valuable information and resources for my readers. I would ask that you express your opinions in a way that is respectful to others, even if you do not agree with their views. Comments may not be anonymous and your name and e-mail address must be entered (although your e-mail address will not be publicly visible).

I review all comments personally, typically within 24 hrs of being posted. On review of comments I will delete any that are completely unrelated to my website or obvious spam. Any offensive or weird comments will also be immediately deleted. If you spot any comments on my website that you feel should not be there, please let me know at heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com and I will look into this immediately.

Links policy

I keep a list featuring travel blogs that I enjoy and recommend on my Link Love page. This is not necessarily a comprehensive list as there are so many excellent travel blogs and new ones starting all the time, but is a reflection of my own tastes and interests. If I am not able to include you on this list, it is not a reflection on the quality of your blog, as it would be impossible to include every travel blog out in the blogsphere. In order to decide who to include on my link love page, I use the following criteria;

  • On my link love page I do not normally include commercial or general travel websites, but focus on personal travel blogs or websites. If you have a commercial website you would like to promote through Heather on her travels, please check out the advertising option on my advertise page or the sponsored post options on my guest posts page
  • I normally feature blogs that are well established with regular content being posted for a year or more, or alternatively those that have a good body of quality content.
  • I am more likely to include a blog if I have a connection with the writer, either because I have met them, or because they have already connected with me through blog comments, e-mail, twitter, facebook or Stumbleupon or participate in writing groups of which I am also a member.
  • I am more likely to include a blog if it covers travel themes or destinations that interest me or that are consistent with those that I cover on Heather on her travels, and are therefore likely to be of interest to my readers.
  • I am more likely to include a blog if it appears to be one that will be maintained on a long term basis and not just for a one-off event or trip
  • I am unlikely to link to blogs that are not family friendly in their approach or cover travel in a way that might offend my readers.
  • I prefer to link to blogs that are primarily the work or vision of a single author rather than those that are collecting and editing the work of multiple authors unless the quality of the content is consistently high.
  • I do not link to other blogs purely for a ‘link exchange’ although I would hope that if I decide to include your blog on my Link Love list, you would also include Heather on her travels on any similar list of travel blogs that you have on your site.

If you feel that your blog meets all or most of the criteria above and you would like me to consider you to add to my Link Love page, please contact me on heather(at)heatheronhertravels(dot)com

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