Disneyland Paris – Our 5 top rides for all the family

School’s out for summer! Great for the kids, but if you’re a parent you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep them entertained and out of your hair, especially when it’s raining outside. Let’s face it – the constant chants of ‘I’m bored’ can make those six weeks can feel longer and more tedious than a Led Zeppelin drum solo.

So before you take them to the seaside for the umpteenth time, why not give them a summer holiday to remember by taking a trip to Disneyland Paris? There are all sorts of Disneyland Paris Packages available too. Do your research and you can usually find deals and offers to help you keep the costs of a trip down. You could even make a short break of it by piling the kids into the car and taking the ferry to France – an adventure in itself.

When you get there, what are the rides you really shouldn’t miss? Well, that will depend on the age of your child. Taking a toddler on a rollercoaster is a mistake you won’t make twice – although on the plus side it may stop them pestering you for an ice cream afterwards. Here are five of our favourite rides for all the family.

Children at Disneyland Paris © Disney

Children at Disneyland Paris © Disney

Best for toddlers – It’s A Small World

One of Disney’s trademark attractions and the Paris version is its most impressive yet. This gentle boat ride through (Disney’s version of) the countries of the world is tame enough for even the littlest members of the family. The kids will be enchanted with the singing animatronic dolls, while you’ll marvel at the kitsch factor.  Well worth a visit, just don’t blame us when you can’t get the song out of your head afterwards.

Dumbo the flying elephant ride at Disneyland Paris © Disney

Dumbo the flying elephant ride at Disneyland Paris © Disney

Best for kids – Dumbo The Flying Elephant

This carousel in the sky is just fast enough to thrill, but not too scary that it’ll put your youngsters off fairground rides for life. Not only do you get to fly on everyone’s favourite airborne elephant, but a small lever in front of your seat lets you control your very own Dumbo, letting him fly higher or lower. Children under 1.2 metres must be accompanied by an adult. If that’s you, make sure you let your little pilot sit on the right of the ride, to give them a great view over the whole of Fantasyland (if they’re able to open their eyes).

Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris © Disney

Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris © Disney

Best for teenagers – Phantom Manor

If your teen loves watching scary movies and frightening themselves silly, Frontierland’s Phantom Manor is the ride for them. Definitely not one for babies or very small children, this haunted mansion ride has a fantastic plot and some ghoulish special effects. You’ll be greeted by your ghostly host in the famous ‘stretch’ rooms, where walls move both up and down to create a chilling illusion. Then you’ll board your buggy for a tour round the mansion. If that doesn’t scare them enough, visit the attraction at night for an even spookier feel.

Sleeping Beauty Castle fireworks at night © Disney

Sleeping Beauty Castle fireworks at night © Disney

Best for dads – The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

Any ride that warns people with heart conditions not to board is not to be messed with. Definitely the scariest, most adrenaline-filled experience in the whole of Disneyland Paris, the haunted hotel features some amazing sets, a spooky ambience – and a faster-than-gravity drop of around 160 feet. Think that’s not enough to thrill you, dads? Well take this advice from Tower of Terror pros: hold out your arms while lifting your feet off the floor just before the lift is about to drop for a more enhanced zero gravity effect.

Buzz Lightyear Lazer blast at Disneyland Paris © Disney/Pixar 2007

Buzz Lightyear Lazer blast at Disneyland Paris © Disney/Pixar 2007

Best for the whole family – Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

A combination of a ride and a shooting gallery, this is great fun for both young kids and their wimpy parents. The park’s only interactive ride, you’ll board a space vehicle complete with two laser pistols and a joystick, allowing you to move around and fire at targets, earning you points as you all go along. Great for competitive dads and it’s got Buzz Lightyear in it – what more could you want?

If you’re looking for a ferry crossing to take you to Disneyland Paris, check out Brittany Ferries

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    August 14, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Love it! I grew up in Orlando and am a huge Disney (especially Tower of Terror) fan. But I’ve yet to visit any Disneyland — in Paris or LA. Fun!

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    I cant believe I have never been to Disney. I think I should make a map of all the places I’ve never been.

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