A family holiday in the Venice Lido

A family holiday on Venice Lido

Among all the available destinations in Italy, Venice is the queen of holidays in Northern Italy. Everybody knows Venice: the intricate and fascinating maze of streets and canals, the beautiful Grand Canal, the ancient palaces… But who knows about Venice Lido?

A family holiday on Venice Lido

The Venice Lido (Lido di Venezia) is the beach of Venice: a 7-mile long island in the lagoon of Venice, a famous place which, from the late 19th century, became the favourite destination for the luxurious holidays in the lagoon of wealthy families, thanks to the majestic hotels facing the beach that characterize the promenade of the island. You may remember Thomas Mann’s famous novel Death in Venice, which takes place in one of the historic hotels of the Lido. The drama and allure of those nostalgic locations still echoes in the minds of who have loved this authentic masterpiece of the twentieth century.

View of the Venice Lido

View of the Venice Lido

A family friendly place to stay

Nowadays Venice Lido is still an enchanting place, yet family friendly to all those who want to spend a holiday in Italy with the whole family. Of course, one of the major assets of this island is its connection to the main city of Venice. An efficient local service of ferry boat between Venice Lido and Venice main city is available daytime and at night for you to move freely and set out to discover all the interesting sites of the city. If you want to save some money, take advantage of the transport tourist cards, which allow you to move around the city at convenient rates.

Beach on the Lido by Michael Dawes on Flickr

Beach on the Lido by Michael Dawes on Flickr

Days on the beaches of Venice Lido

Moving back to Lido, this is a lovely seaside resort to spend relaxing beach holidays with the whole family. Worth discovering are the areas of “Alberoni” and “San Nicolò”. These beaches, located at the two end parts of the Lido, offer amazing landscapes and a great place to bathe and relax. Alberoni is an oasis of raw beauty, characterized by sandy dunes that overlook the sea. This wild beach is perfect if you want to escape from the rush of modern seaside resorts and experience the contact with authentic nature. Within a few minutes walk from Alberoni, it is possible to see also the Murazzi, the impressive stone dam built in order to protect the banks of the lagoon from the sea erosion. Here you can enjoy a relaxing walk and admire original sculptures made of poor materials like wood, branches, old clothes and fishing instruments, which make the view of this place even more enjoyable and interesting.

Murazzi on Venice Lido Photo: Antonio Fassina on Flickr

Murazzi on Venice Lido Photo: Antonio Fassina on Flickr

Bike rides from Venice Lido

And if you like bike rides, Venice Lido is the perfect place! From here starts an itinerary that leads you to the islands of Pellestrina and to the coastal town of Chioggia, by means of a water transport service among the islands.

The island offers also a whole variety of typical bars and restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine or sip a glass of wine. You can even find a special sandwich shop…on a bus! A typical double decker bus transformed in a kiosk where you can try a whole lot of different and tasty sandwiches!

Cafe bus on Venice Lido Photo by Gordon Baxter

Cafe bus on Venice Lido Photo by Gordon Baxter

The Venice Film Festival in Venice Lido

If you visit Venice Lido at the beginning of September, don’t forget about the Venice Film Festival! The famous Venice International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world. Founded in 1932, the festival takes places every year at the beginning of September, and it is recognized worldwide as a symbol of culture for the quality of its jury and for the films competing for the Golden Lion. If you are cinema enthusiasts, you cannot miss it! Just remember to book your holiday in Venice Lido in due time, because during the days of the festival, the Lido becomes the centre of the world!

Camping San Nicolò Venice Lido

Camping San Nicolò Venice Lido

Where to stay in Venice Lido

You will be wondering where to stay in Venice Lido. A nice solution for a fun family holiday is provided by Camping San Nicolò. This camping site provides 5,000 square meters of lush gardens, a haven of peace where you can stay with the whole family and take advantage of a wonderful location at convenient rates. With its strategic location, Camping San Nicolò is the perfect place to both explore the Lido and reach Venice City Centre. The campsite provides all the services for a comfortable stay: hot and cold showers, playground for the children, washing machine, internal parking, caravan and tent rental, and much more.

Camping San Nicolò Venice Lido

Camping San Nicolò Venice Lido

How to reach Camping San Nicolò

The campsite is easy to reach: from the train station of Venice Santa Lucia you can take the city water bus heading to the Lido. From the last stop, you can then take the bus of the island, which will bring you to the camping in a couple of minutes. And if you come by car to Venice, from the Tronchetto terminal you will find the car ferry departure to the Lido.

Photo Credits: Photos by Camping San Nicolò except: Beaches in the Lido by Michael Dawes, Murazzi on Venice Lido by Antonio Fassina , Cafe bus by Gordon Baxter

This article was brought to you in partnership with Camping San Nicolò on Venice Lido

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    November 12, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    I have only three requirements of the Lido in Venice: that
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    b] the hotels face the stunning beaches and
    c] the ferry service to the mainland is frequent and reliable.

    Apart from the hotel costs, you answered all my questions 🙂 Thanks.
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      Heather Cowper
      November 13, 2016 at 1:33 pm

      @Hels Thanks, I think the Venice Lido certainly offers access to Venice with a somewhat different experience to the main island that most visit

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