Lanzarote for Foodies – Where to Go and What to Eat

If you love food, you’ll love Lanzarote. The islanders take a great pride in using locally grown, specialist ingredients to create a unique and rich fusion of food for which the island is renowned. From the freshly caught shellfish to the delicious vegetables grown in volcanic gravel, the flavours and quality of the food in Lanzarote are set to surprise many of the tourists who visit.

Lanzarote seafood dish Photo: Kent Wang of Flickr

Seafood platter on Lanzarote

Tastes to try on Lanzarote

There are a few ingredients you’ll see popping up frequently on menus and as accompaniments to dishes. These are the key ingredients for Lanzarote chefs, and should definitely be experienced when taking holidays to Lanzarote.

Try some fresh fish for lunch on Lanzarote Photo: Ian Lloyd of Flickr

Try some fresh fish for lunch on Lanzarote

Fish: The most frequently served fish on the island are cherne (sea bass), vieja (parrot fish) and delicious dorada (sea bream). In the majority of restaurants these will have been caught the same day or certainly very recently in the same seas you’ve been dipping your toes in.

Papas arrugadas: These funny looking wrinkled potatoes are a must-have with any meal on the island. These potatoes have a distinctly nutty flavour and are sourced from the black gravel fields inland.

Papas arrugadas con Mojo Photo: Martin Alvarez Espinar of Flickr

Papas arrugadas con Mojo – speciality of Lanzarote

Mojo: These sauces are readily served with the papas arrugadas and come in a red or green variety. Essentially a rich sauce of garlic, olive oil, herbs and spices, the red version is rather spicy with chillies and peppers incorporated, whereas the green mojo is flavoured with coriander or sometimes parsley.

Gofio: Created from maize flour and toasted corn, gofio was once a staple of every meal in Lanzarote, back in the days when bread was a luxury. Today it is used in soups and stews to add flavour and to thicken the liquid.

Great restaurants on Lanzarote

The island is dotted with incredible gastronomic delights, and you could very well find a superb restaurant in the most unexpected of places. Head away from the tourist spots and into the smaller villages or old towns to experience true Lanzarote cuisine at its best. Here are a few recommendations to start you off;

Castillo De San Jose, Arracife

One of the best restaurants on the island, this place specialises in fish dishes and has an enviable portside setting, letting diners watch the ferries and cruise ships dock just steps away from the 18th-century Castillo. Try the house special shellfish soup, flavoured with locally grown saffron.

Monumento al Campesino Photo: guillenperez of Flickr

Monumento al Campesino on Lanzarote

Casa-Museo Al Campesino, Mozaga

Serving a wide range of traditional Lanzarote dishes, this restaurant offers more than just a great dining experience. Diners get to eat their meals in a vast cave-like space which was formed during volcanic eruptions, known locally as a jameo. Try the sancocho too, a rice dish with sweet potatoes and salty fish which is a specialty of the house.

El Diablo restaurant, Timanfaya National Park Photo: Sonia Baptista of Flickr

El Diablo restaurant, Timanfaya National Park

El Diablo, Timanfaya National Park

This stunning restaurant right on the viewpoint of the National Park is only open for lunch – but it’s worth making the effort to get there in time. You will be rewarded with delicious sweet potatoes and chicken dishes, all grilled by superheated 300-degree air from the volcanic vent below!

Photo credits: Seafood dish by Kent Wang, Corvino fish by Ian Lloyd, Papas arrugadas con Mojo by Martin Alvarez Espinar, Monumento al Campesino by guillenperez and El Diablo by Sonia Baptista.

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