Trousers to travel from Anatomie

Like any frequent traveller, I try to pack light, so the clothes that make it into my carry-on luggage have to earn their keep. As I’m a working girl with limited time off I often take short breaks that combine relaxing, sightseeing and outdoor activities. This is where my clothes have to multi-task, taking me from staying at a nice hotel, to eating out, to walking and hiking. They need to be practical too – lightweight and crease resistant, and quick to wash and dry if necessary. When I travel I like to dress up a bit more than I would at home and I try to choose clothes that make me feel stylish as well as perform well.

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Trousers by Anatomie

I was asked to try out a couple of items from a USA based company called Anatomie that are ideal for travelling; a pair of Fiora trousers and a Cosima lightweight jersey wrap top. Let’s see how they matched up to my requirements as a frequent traveller.

First Impressions?

Fiora trousers by Anatomie

Fiora trousers by Anatomie

I wore the Fiora trousers to travel out to the Greek island of Zakynthos and they made an ideal bridge between the cool, rainy weather as I left Bristol and the heat as I arrived in Zakynthos. The trousers are made of a lightweight 96% polyester/4% lycra blend in a good quality Italian fabric. They pack up very small and the few creases that were there soon dropped out when I wore them. I chose the trousers in black, a neutral colour that I often wear when travelling as it looks good from smart to casual, doesn’t show the dirt and teams with a few colourful tops and knitwear for an elegant look. The trousers had two zip pockets on the leg which made them look quite sporty and would be useful if I was out sightseeing to keep small items like a lipsalve or map. I found the trousers had a flattering cut (I’m not quite as thin as the model on the website!) and with the slight stretch from the Lycra I found them extremely comfortable to wear.

The Cosima wrap top was made of a soft poly-cotton jersey fabric with a burned out effect that made the black fabric a bit more interesting. The cardigan was cosy and a like the trousers it packed small and came out of the case uncreased. The front edges could be tied in a relaxed way at the front or wrapped around the body. This would be an ideal wrap to take on holiday if you were going somewhere where the evenings were cool and you needed to take a cover-up with you when going out. I’ve since worn this top at work as it can transition from smart to relaxed and I particularly like the way that I can throw it in a bag and it doesn’t crease at all.

I hope you enjoy my video below about the trousers and top I tried from Anatomie

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Fashion features?

I had a good look through the Anatomie website and I really like many of the clothes. I’d say they are aimed at a 30+ age group and are in the tradition of American sportswear, that is to say clothes that have a modern but slightly sporty look, with clean lines and nice detailing. These are clothes that have a quiet elegance, that don’t shout at you but leave you feeling well-dressed. I think the range would be especially suitable for busy women who travel a lot, for work or leisure and want clothes they can feel stylish in with minimal fuss.


Cosima top by Anatomie

Cosima top by Anatomie

I gave the Fiora trousers a wash test according to the instructions at 30 degrees and then left them to dry naturally. The trousers dried very quickly and had barely any creases with this treatment. Although the trouser care label says that they can’t be tumble-dried I checked with the company as I would expect a polyester/lycra fabric to be able to go in the dryer and they confirmed that it would be fine to tumble dry. With a family of five our washing machine is on every day and I don’t have time to peg out the washing so everything goes in the dryer, and if it doesn’t then I sometimes end up putting it in by mistake and shrinking a favourite item.

Based on the company’s advice I next gave the trousers a second wash and put them in the tumble dryer and they came out with no shrinkage at all, although they did then need a light iron. For me it’s a bonus that the trousers can be tumble dried although it would be better that the care label should state that an item can be tumble dried if this is the case. So far I haven’t washed the wrap top but I have every confidence that it would wash well, and it gets top marks for being crease free, even after being thrown into the bottom of my bag.

The price?

The clothes are priced as a premium brand in line with well-made designer casualwear. The Fiora trousers are priced at $199 and other full length trousers from Anatomie range between $145-$199. The Cosima wrap top was $125 and other long sleeve tops range between $85-$145. Of course, you could find cheaper, but if you already shop for designer brands at these price points then I would certainly take a look at the Anatomie range, knowing you’ll get top quality and elegance as well as clothes that will be comfortable and practical for your travels. I think you’ll appreciate this range if you follow the philosophy of paying a little more for a few good things.

Although the company is based in the USA, they do ship do Europe, although it would be more expensive if you had to post back any items that weren’t suitable.

My recommendation

The Fiora trousers and Cosima top from the Anatomie range were well made and looked elegant and stylish. They also passed all my tests for practicality, washing well, drying quickly and packing up small without creasing. The range is priced as a designer brand, so some may find it outside their budget. I think the Anatomie range is ideal for busy women who travel a lot for business or leisure and want to look good whatever they are doing.

You can find the clothes mentioned on the Anatomie website

Thanks to Anatomie who provided me with the trousers and top for the purposes of this review. If you decide to purchase any of the Anatomie range through the links in this article, I will receive a commission which will help to support this site.

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heatheronhertravels' Zakynthos 2012 photoset heatheronhertravels’ Zakynthos 2012 photoset

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